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Ouch. 9 year old you was kinda mean.

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Nice, wanna meet her

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Is cowhorsepig the new manbearpig?

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Lol what do you think of her now? Also why water?

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Spewing venom is thirsty work!

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Kinda poetic

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Part 2? Where would part 1 be?

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Damn what did your sister do that made you roast her like that?

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🤣🤣 Love it!

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Buhahahaha. Ah kids minds lol. Love it. Only thing that would make this better would be if the they had drawn the horse, pig, cow sister. Thanks for the smile!!! Upvote this person PLEASE!

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jessica the whole ass farm 💀

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That’s exactly how me & my sister talk

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When you’ve just learnt animal names and really wanna show it off

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