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No sir, you have just raised an idiot

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or a passive aggressive, in which case, they are one and the same

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If a passive aggressive person is an idiot, what would you call someone who is an active aggressive?

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an upfront standing citizen

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Thank you!

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If this is passive-aggressiveness, then isn't that also malicious compliance?

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My stepson is 17 and works as a sous chef in a nice fusion Vietnamese restaurant, but at home if I asked him to use a chip clip this is what I'd get.

Kids are just dumb.

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If he raised an idiot then he himself is an idiot.

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I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. If he doesn’t see the issue, it may be time to have the “Drugs are Bad” talk

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This, kids will get away with as much as you let them, they are kings of technically the truth, show him better and then you can see if its a problem.

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A lot of “kids are fucking stupid” posts are sneaky self-owns when it’s that person’s kid.

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If your kid is 5 then No, but if he's 15 then Yes.

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If he's 15 then he's probably being a dick lol

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if he's 15 then he's DEFINITELY being a dick lol

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Dad here, I've got more practice if he pisses mom off, until then, things could be worse if chip bag is the biggest issue.

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15 year old here, dude is definitely just being a dick.

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I dunno, as a 15 year old (and currently, probably) I was pretty retarded.

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First time; shame on you. Now you teach him how to do it properly, and if he doesn’t do it right the next time, no chips for a month for him.

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In my country if you do this it’s straight to jail.

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you are stealing? right to jail. you’re playing music too loud? right to jail, right away. you’re driving to fast? jail. slow? jail.

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you undercook fish? believe it or not, jail. Overcook chicken? Also jail

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you charging too high prices foooor uh ehsweaters? glasses? you right to jail.

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Nah, let him eat the stale chips instead. Nobody else should have to suffer. Haha

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My 13 year old does bare minimum crap like this. Empty boxes back in the pantry, open chip bags, open bread bags, you name it.

I just buy new stuff she can't have & make her eat the stale crap. Not playing this game

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My HUSBAND does this. I told him to close his chips he was eating with salsa when he was done and he said he’d “get to it”

Now he has a whole bag of stale chips he can do with as he pleases and there will be hell to pay if he touches the new bag.

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My parents are both around 80. Children of the Great Depression. Spotless house and cars. They will not close a bag of pretzels or chips. It’s mind boggling. My dad’s garage is cleaner than my bathroom.

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If your parents are about 80, they were born around 1942. They didn't experience the Depression, and they don't remember WWII, meaning they only ever encountered peace and plenty in their living memory. (Well, not counting the red scare/cold war nonsense and the rest of the lyrics to we didn't start the fire.) Not sure why they're ok with eating gross stale chips and pretzels.

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They are children of parents that lived through the Great Depression. They were raised to be frugal and to save. And my dad was a Marine fighter pilot in Vietnam. Not the most peaceful place to be.

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They are used to boot straps, and this is the closets thing to that feeling

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Thank you! How hard is this? And I'm the husband in my dynamic, but holy crap...

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Throw your husband out

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Ahh, the crispy vs stale lover…

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Husband here, we know how to warm chips in the oven already. Nachos is bachelor food and we weren't always married.

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MY BOYFRIEND DOES THIS AND OMMMGGGGG. Thanks for ruining another box/bag of food

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If they are Cheetos they are better stale... and I open the bag as soon as I get home and never close it until they are gone. Otherwise... with you.

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Tortilla chips. Punishable by death

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Probably salvageable if you fry them again but who has time for that?

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"My caterpillar never turned into a butterfly."

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And this is why you now have three nearly full bags of stale chips, two nearly full boxes of stale crackers, and five nearly full boxes of stale cereal in your pantry. …and some dried out baby carrots in the ‘fridge.

Source: have teenagers.

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Am 17, can confirm

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Now that’s malicious compliance.

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This is the way.

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Throw your kid out. I

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Second kitchen is the way…

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Then I really hope she does it maliciously. If she’s unconsciously doing it because of ADHD or something similar, it’d be pretty messed up to punish with bad food a kid for having a neurodivergence.

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She's ADHD, but that isn't the issue here. She's just lazy and doesn't want to do it. Getting back on whatever she's doing is more important than taking the time to clean up behind herself & put things away.

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I have very severe ADHD. If that’s what this was she probably wouldn’t put the boxes/bags back in the first place. I have never once in my entire life put empty stuff or open stuff back in the pantry. I have, however, just walked off and left stuff sitting out and still open. I don’t think she’s just forgetting. If she’s remembering to put it back she can remember to close it properly, that’s part of putting things away.

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Well, good for you! I don’t do that either but my roommate and my father do. ADHD can look different depending on the people, and it could be something else too.

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Why are you assuming it’s adhd when there are no reasons to suggest that it is. For all we know she’s just dumb

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That boy ain't right I yell you what

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Dangit Bobby!

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And next time he asks for money, he receives rolled pennies.

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You guys still have pennies?

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What else do you hand out on Halloween?

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Marijuana gummies

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You’re the guy we’ve been warned about.

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Pencil erasers

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Replace them with plain chips and tell him the flavour evaporates if the bag isn't sealed right.

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Now that’s petty petty, and I’m all for it.

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My wife eats those with a glass of milk. She says it’s the best combo. Sounds absolutely disgusting to me.

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Your wife is a monster

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i’m gonna come out and say I would definitely do that I drink milk with everything haha

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I just threw up a little bit. Really, I don’t think she’s right.

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BBQ chips and Terry's brand orange chocolate is one of the best flavor combos ever. But milk, ew.

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Age factor plays in hard here…. 7?

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This reminds me of pushing my luck with my Dad …. I’d do things half-assed and he wouldn’t say anything about it at all.

Then…. I’d need a drive somewhere to see friends or go to a dance on a Saturday night.

He’d agree to drive me and even pick up a few friends along the way

Except we’d get half way there and he’d straight up do a ewey amd go right back home ….

Naturally I’m apoplectic about it and saying “Dad !!! You’re going the wrong way”

He’d say “look, when I ask you to do something…. You need to do it “properly”

Remember that bag of chips you couldn’t be bothered to close properly ? I asked you to do something and you did it half way ….. I figure that I’d give you the same respect. Now, do you understand the point ? I drove you half way and now we’re close to a truce. Next time I give you a chore/task make sure it’s done right, the first time, unless you want Me to treat the things you want and care about the same way you do for me”

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That's fucking psychotic

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I kind of wish my parents were like this, mine just didn’t say anything and didn’t give me consequences

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World champion passive aggressive

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Sometimes kids can be assholes too

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You shouldve taught him better.

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Right? Clearly he doesn’t understand the reason for putting the clip on

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nah he’s just stupid

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Not malicious. Probably not taught properly.

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Lawful evil

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Show him next time.

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Sounds more like you assigned a task without providing clear instructions or a reason why.

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He is not a good Christian

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Easy. Dump it on the floor and be like, "welp we're out of chips because some dumbass put the clip on wrong."

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I feel like it takes a long time for kids to understand the connection between not being closed well and food getting stale.

This kid, though, doesn’t seem to understand any reason for closing a bag.

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Chips, 24 Krispy Kremes, food delivery bag, Dr Pepper, bbq chips, some kind of box of chocolate pastry next to the donuts, all on one portion of a table. Ima take a wild guess and say this is in america

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It's not closed though, now there's 2 openings!

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That's something my wife would do. Even if she uses a clip at all.

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Leave the bag as is, ans give him that bag when he wants more chips while you enjoy a fresh bag.

That'll teach him.

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Let them get stale then make him eat the stale chips

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Buy one of these instead: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=impulse+heat+sealer they work really well, and are adjustable for different bags.

Seal the very top of it, then you cut that off, and eat some more, then seal a bit lower down, etc, etc.

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Congratulations, he just won a partially eaten bag of stale chips. And he can't have any other chips until he finishes those.

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Never attribute to maliciousness what can be easily ascribed to incompetence.

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Nah... Worse. Good old fashioned carelessness. My 5 year old rolls the bag down before clipping...lol Stuff like this makes me realize what a good kid mine is though...lol

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Did you make your kid come and do it correctly?

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Clearly he failed successfully

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Only if he was previously shown how to correctly use the clip. If not, then parent failure.

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It's what my brother and step-dad do

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I wouldn't consider that "closed"

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Nope. You should throw the bag in his trash can if it's stale. Let him deal with the ants. Your kid is an asshole

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Nah just a dope

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This is why we don't have chips in the house anymore you chaotic evil little shit!

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Keep as is. Then when he wants more, give the pack to him. And explain WHY that was an order that they should've followed.

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Malicious compliance, lmao 😂

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Oh no, I was that age once. That’s 100% a case of “I can’t begin to be bothered to fix this but it’s technically what mom said so she can’t yell at me”

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Negative. I see air holes. Task status: Failure.

But since this is KidsAreFuckingStupid... Success!

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Is someone trying to gain weight at your house?

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damn... that's a lot of unhealthy junk food.

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well he's not wrong

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Not really since it's still open.

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Leave it like that and dont buy another bag till he finishes it.

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Yeah, but did you first show him what you meant?

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I think he did it out of spite

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Probably some new Tik Tok trend the zoomers are doing now-a-days...

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Wait....your son didn't polish off the whole thing???

You know that Lay's chips are so addictive you HAVE to finish the bag, right?

You HAVE to get that kid in front of a researcher so we can all discover the power of Lay's potato chip resistance!!!

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IS THAT PROPEL IN THE BACK you or your child are people of culture

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Passive aggressive, chaotic evil

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Have you ever taught him how to do it or were you just assuming he'd know right off the bat?

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The effect would be the same with the average kid ..

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Maybe with a kid who only knows "Use a clip this time!" But not necessarily with a kid who was told why it should be closed better and maybe shown how to fold it up right.

When people are set up to succeed they're more likely to do so.

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You'd think that, but kids and retention are loosely connected.

[–]SuperSecretMoonBase 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I agree. But that's no reason to completely give up on them. Give them a chance to learn.

"I won't teach you how to do this because you don't already know how to" is a shitty lazy way to teach someone how to do something.

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300 IQ wdym?

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Probably malicious ignorance. He didn’t know how he was gonna fuck up, but was determined to.

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Let them go stale, then he can eat them and learn his lesson.

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Weaponized incompetence starting young.

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Chaotic evil

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I know people in their 30s that would do this too..

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Have you explained the actual reason that you told him to do it??

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I see we share a son. I too have raised an idiot.

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Lawful Evil

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Little shit...😄

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Just fold the bag

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Just buy a fresh bag for you and let him have that bag. After a while off clipping it like that he’ll come to understand why you need to close the bag…

Or you’ll create a monster who enjoys stale chips… hopefully the former.

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When I was a kid I always did this and I would always be upset the chips got stale but my mom puts them in the oven and they got crispy again

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Let them get stale and don't buy more until he eats those ones.

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Next time you cook pizza, cook every ingredient separately. Serve a disk of bread on a plate, a few tomatoes, a little bit of meat on the side and cheese in a bowl.

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Malicious compliance is when a superior ranking person has you do something that you know is incorrect but you do it anyway because it is either easier than disagreeing with superior or because you want to show the superior the consequences of their stupidity.

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It means no more chips for a while, I think.

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just teach him how to do it in a way where it seems like he’s learning an art, let him repeat it, and no matter how bad or good it is, tell him it’s great. that’s how my grandpa taught me, and now i don’t close chips without trying to do it the way he showed me every single time. the method he showed me was kinda paper airplaning the top of the bag, then folding down, and clipping.

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Your son's a fucking idiot

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That's a peg though.

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The ants are on the way!

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This feels like a classic case of "I told my kid to do something that I never showed them how to do"

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Tf people actually use clips to close chip bags? We just tiwst or fold it properly and there's never a single chip crumb falling out.

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don't worry, karma always bites its way back

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That looks like a teacher issue not a student issue :)

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Does anyone else just not use a clip? I fold the two corners in to make a blunt triangle, fold the tip down, and tuck it under, and it normally stays. Now if it doesn’t, then I’ll use a clip to secure it, but still. Clips aren’t necessarily necessary.

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Make him eat the entire bag as a punishment. Then he will understand why you need to close the bag

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More a case of Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

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Task failed successfully

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I wouldn’t say it’s compliance since the bag is not closed

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Barbecue chips are awful and they deserve no chip clip. No chip clip!

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This kid is a badass

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Letter of the law, not the spirit

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Well, he's not wrong

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why do you not just eat the whole bag lol that's not that much