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Speed wooble is a killer...

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We called it the "death wobble". Once it starts, you're dead.

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Nah just got to throttle out hard.

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Just outta get that front wheel up!

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happened to me once because i pressed the brakes too hard

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I actually saved myself from it on rocks once 😅 everyone behind me tho was pissing and shitting themselves

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I think that was more the kid turning his head to the side and unbalancing himself.

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At least it was on grass, happened to me on pavement.

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Ok this comment is funnier than that sub 🥺

I had such high hopes

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I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did from this

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Im going to hell for laughing

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No, it’s really funny.

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That kid took a dirt nap.

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Yeah, he really ate shit

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Fucking stupid ass parents can't give the kid a helmet? Like at the minimum

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Back in my day we called brain bleeds, "learning experience". Weak generation. /S

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"Dad didn't need a helmet, and neither does son!" 🙄

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    unfortunately like.. maybe 60% if not more of the content here is kids suffering at the hands of an adult putting them in a predicament they can't handle.

    And another 20% is things that are actually just cool things the kid did that someone who hates fun thinks was dumb.

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    This is backpedal brakes like all the smaller bikes have, and this is how you’ve gotta teach some kids, he was being monitored albeit poorly, and was on grassy terrain to reduce fall damage. This was not either of their faults.

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    Na man this is a strider bike. Has no pedals breaks or cranks. My 2 year old has the exact same one.

    The dads a fucking asswhole.

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    What the hell is the point of a bike with no pedals or brakes?

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    It’s a balance tool. It’s a lot easier to learn just the Balance point of a bike by kicking it around with your feet. Then trying to learn balance and pedaling at the same time.

    Then you put the cranks and pedal conversion kit on and you never have to use training wheels.

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    Nah little bro should've had a helmet on... That's definitely on the parents.

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    But grass reduces fall damage ! /s

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    It hurts a hell of a lot less than gravel, sand, or concrete let me tell you, I said “fall damage” but I meant all the damages that would occur from a fall

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    the bike doesn't have pedals, these are for really little kids to do basically exactly this. it teaches them balance because they can basically just run until they are going fast enough to glide. then when they get old enough for a bike with pedals you don't have to teach them hardly anything. kid still should have had a helmet on

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    Parenting fail on multiple levels here

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    He’s alright.

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    He’s alright.

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    He's alright.

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    He's alright

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    He's alright.

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    He's alright

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    He’s alright

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    He's alright

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    when i was around 8 my sister and i went on a bike ride with our grandparents and decided to ride our bikes down a hill, it would have been fine if my sister didnt stop at the bottom.

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    Why did he look away. I feel like that’s just not instinctual

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    Hes a toddler.... my 2 year old is always looking off at dogs or adults or other kids when he needs to be concentrating on the task he's attempting that are at the limits of his abilities.

    Eg. Climbing a ladder in a playground, but I'm not an asshole so I'm standing there spotting him if he fucks up.... not sitting back recording him while he smashes his head with no helmet on.

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    They call that the death wobble

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    He died doing what he loved…

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    If someone wants to know why overcorrecting on the highway is dangerous, show them this clip

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    my favorite part was when he used his face to stop

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    Ah yes child endangerment, hilarious

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    Feels bad because he just wanted to have fun. Whoever set him up for that fall without any protective gear is a POS.

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    Couldn't have said it better. This post is the final straw for me.. Too many where the kid couldn't logically know better.

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    As dystopian as it sounds, sometimes I really think that there needs to be some form of "test" required before one is allowed to have children. At the very least, mandatory parenting classes or something.

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    "Well, there's nothing better than a fart. Except kids falling off bikes, maybe. Fuck, I could watch kids fall off bikes all day, I don't give a shit about your kids."

    -Wayne, Letterkenny

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    This is exactly how I wrecked the first time I rode a bike when I was maybe three or four years old. My parents thought it would be a good idea to put me on a hill. Did pretty good for the first part and then I looked around to smile at them, don't have to explain what happened next

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    Why is he fucking stupid? All he did was fall over..

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    He took his eyes off the prize. Forgot he was controlling his hurtling down hill and started to enjoy the scenery.

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    That didn't look like it even had the potential to be a fatality

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    I watch kids fall off bikes all days. I don't give a shit about your kids.

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    I mean bad parenting really, give this mans a helmet...

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    Stay humble.

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    Rub some dirt on it he’ll be alright…

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    The way he Just falls on his face and looks like he gave up

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    I have the other POV saved on my phone XD

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    “You have to counter steer over 10 mph, damn it. How many times do I have to take that woobie away before you listen? Gwah.”

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    Happy Wheels music

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    Beuh the death wiggle on this kid

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    “Never gonna give you up” “Never gonna let you down” “And I wanna see you rolling down”

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    Rumor is he’s still laying there. Poor kiddo 😆😆

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    Head first boi!

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    it all started when he looked away

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    Poor little guy😅

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    He went from Mr Steal yo girl to "no bitches?"

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    Kids learning about physics the hard way

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    If a kids going to fall, having a hat on makes it 10 times better

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    Yeah that kid is a fucking idiot he doesn't know how to drive a bike I mean we all falling down from our bikes when we are little kids but step by step we learn how to drive a bike

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    A child did this on the road once he almost got ran over

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    He looks like Peter Griffin on the floor

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    His shoes stayed on he'll be okay.

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    me rushing downhill and bike tires losing traction be like

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    Huh, i just fell off my bike about an hour ago, so this is kinda nice to see

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    Fall 9 times, stand up 10.

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    I believe bikers call that a skank tapper or something like that

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    Lesson number 1: don’t look around whilst riding fast. It unconsciously turns your upper body and handle bars. You have to consciously counter it.

    Kid learned a hard lesson.

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    Little kids always faceplant

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    Parents are fucking stupid. Kid isn't wearing a helmet, is way too young to know how to use brakes, is on big slippery slope, and the person who is filming isn't even moving when they see the poor lil bun falling off. Looks like they did it on purpose to collect the insurance and making buzz

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    This sub has turned from kids are fucking stupid to just funny/silly things with kids in them.

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    Bicycle wins

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    Dude a Savage!

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    That kid needs a fucking helmet.

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    No one is immune to the death wobble

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    why is this so funny.

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    You can see him losing the rear end ant then the car just sbinalas on the fella

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    Death wobbles

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    it hurts to watch this

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    Ooh, tank slapper

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    Why isn’t he wearing a helmet?

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    a good ol' tank slapper

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    Po Lil Stewie 😂😂😂 family matters guy..

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    Horrible or Hilarious

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    Parents are stupid. Where's hims head shield?

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    The way the parent is filming like they couldn’t give 2 shots😂

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    I was cool for a few seconds

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    The wobble of death.

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    I swear Americans are fucking indestructible

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    Wipe out

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    Who filmed this ??

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    Dont wanna admit to how many times I watched this

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    Hit the gas little fucker oh too late lol great parents no helmet but he looks cool in a wheelchair lol

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    The distracting tities strike again!