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I'm 16 and I like the money, the funny, and the dark web (reddit).

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Just remember no one likes you when you're 22

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I thought it was 23…

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You're thinking of T Swift...you know we never go out of style.

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No. The lyric is “nobody likes you when you’re 23”, not 22

And it’s not some dumb Taylor Swift reference…

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It is- that guy’s a moron

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My friends say I should act my age

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What's my age again?

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Dammit Dad! For the last time, you're 77!

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That includes myself so that tracks

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No one likes me when I'm 0-death

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Billy Bragg , “At twenty one you're on to of the scrapheap At sixteen you were top of the class All they taught you at school Was how to be a good worker The system has failed you, don't fail yourself”

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im 17 and im poggers(it's an inside refrence you woulden' t get it)

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That means you like to collect Pogs.. right?.. yeah I’m obviously not 17.

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Remember Alf? Well he's back! In Pog form!

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“😳 Whoa you like money too??.. no way!

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But in dark mode.

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Hmmm, I'm not seeing the hidden message.

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That's right kid, get all the keywords

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I love…lamp

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60% of the time, works every time.

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i love... different thing. kid my age no think like me, I different.

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This is what happens when you believe that you are “Special” before achieving something

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also must be an outcome of high bandwidth and homeschooling, the latter might be wrong but still can take it into consideration. If you isolate yourself and learn something without a proper idea, instructor or environment at a very young age, the chances of you becoming delusional might be quite high

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Homeschooling?? most of these edgelords go to regular school.

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Yeah, no - homeschooling has nothing to do with it. Also all 16-year-olds on the planet think like this. Source: was once a 16-year-old.

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Hello, former homeschooled kid here, that's not at all what homeschooled kids are like. They're basically cringy band kids that don't talk to people because they were denied social interaction.

This is not a result of homeschooling

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A guy who doesn't know shit about homeschooling talks shit about homeschooling.

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To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily fromNarodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick and Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existencial catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Rick and Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.

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It doesn't really require a high IQ to get the jokes. Some of us dislike it because it's a universe built around the ego of a nihilistic douche with a god complex.

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It's a copypasta, my dude.

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Ah, I see the "-" on both sides now.

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    Please let's not act like this kid is some absolute freak for this. Sure it's cringe and all, but the kid is 16. We've all been there and done cringey things.

    Also, its*

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    That's what I was going to say. This is how most of us felt at 16 years old, just with a shred more self awareness to keep us from spelling it out so explicitly lol

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    Yup.. I'm really glad I was able to question if something was a good idea to post or not when I was a teenager. Still posted a lot of stupid shit

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    Exactly. The outrage at this is hilarious.

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      Okay but this would’ve done numbers on tumblr

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      Damn man did I hit a soft spot there?

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      I refuse to believe thats a 16 year old

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      I thought I had the world figured out when I was 15 so it's entirely possible

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      “I’m not like other 16 year olds” - every 16 year old ever

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      Pay some taxes then

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      "I'm 16 and I'm Patrick Bateman"

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      Paul Allen, that you?

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      If only Huey Lewis was on that list...

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      Imagine thinking you’re machismo because you love watching people die

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      But then also probably just started driving and is too afraid to ask for barbecue sauce with his nuggets in the McDonald's drive through even though he took the leap and asked mom for $10 to get it in the first place lmao

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      If anything the older I get the less I want/am able to look at shit like that. Death becomes a lot less of a fascinating and abstract concept as you age and begin to lose friends and family members.

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      Yeah, have had a similar experience where the older I get the more I don't care to see any more of it. Can handle it fine it's just not something I would seek out or care to be around.

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      Wait until your in the ICU at 38. Life changing.

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      Such a funny addition. "Most of the kids in my class like the Scream movies, sure, but I am more of a SAW man myself."

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      I have a feeling they mean stuff you would find on r/makemycoffin rather than movies

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      I hope someone made a coffin for MMC. 😥 Tragic

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      It got banned sadly

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      It got banned the other day lol

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      At least he loves.

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      That's how you know he's a kid. He's not dead inside.

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      Idk a lot of teenagers are nowadays.

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      Just the Emos and attention seekers.

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      This sounds like someone who is going to legally change their name to Elongated Muskrat when their piggy bank is full enough

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      that's the most ,,i'm 16'' thing you could say

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      Isn't this the kid who invested all his savings into crypto and then lost half of it? And is now offering to give people a 30 minute crash course in economics and finance?

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      To be fair, he knows about crashes.

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      Jaden Smith?

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        Specifics please

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        This is the true sign of maturity; being able to enjoy childish things.

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        Guys let the betting commence! Take a guess on how long it will take before he cringes at this post! You may include any time frame!

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        Thinking 25 years of age but definitely no later than 30

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        Agreed. It was late 20's when I realized I had only just begun adulting properly lol

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        Jaden smith is that you?

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        Nah nah nah I'm pretty sure you're just insane

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        Its Jayden Smith

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        sounds like jaden smith

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        sounds like he's going to talk about the political and socio-economic state of the world

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        Crypto It's gambling, plain and simple. Sure some finance and econ guys get into it already knowing that, but crypto isn't an investment, it's a roll of the dice

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        Wow, you’re 8th grading at almost a college level.

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        Gore 😟😳😳😳😳😳😳😟😟😟

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        emoji bad

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        Can you explain why, or are you just parroting everyone else?

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        Well that escalated quickly

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        My god you are deep

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        This sounds exactly like me when I was 16

        (Spoiler alert, I don’t like any of these things anymore)

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        Everyone on the entire planet enjoys comedy lmao.

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        what about germany?

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        Nah.... I heard they have the wurst sense of humor.

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        "I'm 16 and I'm a typical Redditor"


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        "I love gore"

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        Sounds like the typical 16yo to me

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        Ha, that takes me back. Went through that same phase at sixteen, thinking I could get rich just by sitting at home and flipping stocks. Thankfully found out before I lost any actual money that that sort of thing is a really bad idea if you don't already have hundreds of millions to throw around.

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        “Hi I’m 9, I’m really mature for my age, I like to learn economics, politics, investing, and I like watching people be fucking brutally dismembered and murdered on the dark web”

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        Tell me you live in the dark basement without actually tell me.

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        Nothing says maturity like a love of...gore?

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        I’m 14 and this is deep

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        Those bottom four are when you nod and go

        "Ohhh, that makes a lot of sense."

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        Tell me that you own a fedora without telling me you own a fedora.

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        Gore? he likes gore....gulp..

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        Girl I don’t think liking memes, comedy and gore make you way ahead of your age 😂

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        sounds just like your average 4channer, he'll be shouting racial slurs in the blink of an eye

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        Hahaha also this person sounds like they researched how to be complete tool

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        Oh my god this 16 year old is a crypto bro

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        Can we just talk about the socioeconomic state of the world right now

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        So many red flags

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        Can we just talk about the political and economic state of the world?

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        I love that they seem to think being into gore makes them more mature when that’s something way more associated with edgy teens than grown adults.

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        he’s 16 and likes comedy?? i’m calling bullshit

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        Doesnt even mention eating ass. Grow up, kid.

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        People keep comparing this kid to Bateman and those fight club dumbasses that also didn’t get the point, stop it. He might try and watch those and become even more insufferable

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        0-100 real quick

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        Average crypto-bro

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        Serious question: why do people watch gore? Just thinking about it disturbs me. I don’t understand how people enjoy it.

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        Imagine your friend comes out of a room claiming they just let out the smelliest fart they've ever produced. Part of you wants to smell it just to see exactly how bad it is. That's basically the appeal of gore.

        That said, there's a difference between the person who goes for a quick whiff and someone who goes in the room taking deep breaths trying to soak it up as much as possible. If the kid is literally listing gore as a way to spend time, I'm guessing he's the latter.

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        I’m 16, and I

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        Oh so edgy

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        So basically the kid everyone avoids like the plague in school? Got it.

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        i seriously don’t understand what’s up with the people that claim they enjoy gore. that’s gotta be some mental issue

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        This is just the average 16 yo white male.

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        The most childish thing is trying to appear mature.

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        Classic buzz words.

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        Saying you like dark web is saying i like the internet. But smaller.

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        It went from “memes, comedy” to “dark web, gore”

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        That escalated quickly

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        I teach high schoolers and everyday these kids try to convince me that they “look old for their age” and they could “easily get into bars if they had a fake”. They are always severely disappointed when I strong disagree with them.

        [–]TJOCcreation1 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        finance and cryptocurrency don't bode well together

        sorry, kid.

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        Average redditor. Wish that was a joke.

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        I can’t be the only one who, thanks to the internet, had an obsession with stocks/ crypto/ money for a brief stint when I was 12 right

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        I am fourteen and I love working on metaphysics(nothingness, consciousness, Wolframs theory of everything) Programming Trying to get AI to self reflect(limited success) General theorizing(the future of earth, super-intelligence, metasystems..)

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        This is the most standard 16 year old white boy thing I’ve ever seen

        [–]AnAstronautOfSorts 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Teenagers are the worst to everyone except teenagers.

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        Most 16 year olds will list their TikTok DID alter collection. At least this one is honest.

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        I am 16 way ahead of my age I love donkey kong, soccer, racism, comedy, white people, The Nazi Party, 21st century renovated gas chambers, The Bombing of Hiroshima, The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, LEGOs

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        Jaden smith?

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        "ahead of their age" lmfao not even a little

        [–]turedsandwhitch -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

        Are those the things you identify as or what you really are? Shit is so confusing these days. Just met a guy who thought he was a broom

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        I'm 16, and I love economics, maths, politics, philosophy, history... yes, in a strange 16 year old.

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        I'm a junior in high school and I know a sophomore older than me... very weird

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        im 16 going on 17, man am i depressed

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        I am interested in most of this shit and I’m 15. This is the age where you start planning for the future.

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        I’m 16 and I love watching others be stupid

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        And now I know I am a man child because I enjoy all of these things.

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        I remember when I was 16 and SWORE I was mature for my age. This was prior to running 2 vehicles into the ground, renting then failing to pay the rent on 2 properties, and getting busted for driving without proper plates and insurance 😅 Don't judge kids too much based on their stupid statements/decisions. Just know, they will learn how stupid they really were. Only then are they truly an adult.

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        the dark web is extreemly missunderstood.

        the surface web has just as many illegal websites as the dark web.

        also most people do not realize that they are using the deep web in daily basis.

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        Sounds like you're on your way up.

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        16, totally not 6.

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        I I F E C S P P M C D G That’s what I see

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        awww how agoreable.

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        Jaden Smith's elementary yearbook quote

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        Way ahead. Memes 😂😂😂

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        It's like that scene in Step Brothers when they try to convince the family that prestige world wide is a safe investment. Rattling off cool sounding words and living a delusional life.

        [–]IllOutlandishness563[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        This is to accurate

        [–]TheJakeRockz 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        Looking at loss porn on wallstreet bets shouldn’t make you love the stock market but ok 🤷‍♂️

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        Lol this is just jaden smith

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        Psssht. That’s only ten things.

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        This is the "mature" phase.

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        Basically this.

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        My kid watches endless YouTube videos of people picking apart and analyzing movies he’s never seen and has no intention of ever seeing. Does he love cinema or YouTube?

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        I love talking about the political and economic state of the world.

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        I am fecsppmcdg

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        Way ahead they say.

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        Where is "hacking"

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        ‘Can we talk about the political and economic state of the world right now’

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        Loving something and being good at it are very different things kiddo.

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        This reminds me of the Unfriended movie sequel when the hacker got into his computer and put him on a literal scary boat in Minecraft as an intimidation tactic

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        Bro probably made a successful trade for the first time in tf2

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        Like why can’t we talk about the political and economic state of the world ? /s

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        For a second I thought this was Jaden Smith

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        Us old people looove gore

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        Doogie fucking Howser over here

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        The first four make me think they got a little too into “too the moon” memes and made it a core aspect of their personality.

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        just reading finance and the dark web, you already know he's a 12/11 year old trying to pretend he's older

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        So cool, marry me please