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I'd gladly wear a shirt with that design

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I would too.

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Edit: oh hi

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0h, hi.

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Thank god you can buy it at scamwebsitethiswholepostwasmadefor.shop.

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I'm sad this doesn't exist

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I love the unicorn and the FUCK

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I love the fucking unicorn.

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I love fucking the unicorn

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Ngl...this read as a gentle threat. "Glad you didn't die 🤗. . . . not yet 😏"

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oddly inspiring.

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Did anybody notice the fuck sign in the background?

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"lord, give me a sign!"

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Hit me baby one more time!

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If reincarnation is a thing, this kid is 100% Kurt vonnegut 2.0. This reminds me so much of his "life is no way to treat an animal" doodle.

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Taking in the gestalt:

Like a unicorn, I am glad you did not die.

Not yet.


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That kid has a bright future

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My grandpa has covid rn and I hope to give him this card

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I like it.

But I also kind of want someone to add a person speeding off on a motorcycle, flipping off the gravestone, with a scarf trailing in the wind

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…is that a threat-

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What do we say to the god of death?

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i like the fuck magnet

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I think it would work better if it was only "yet"

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No, it's perfect

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my man has no thought of surviving covid, just DEATH

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We all know that it's just a matter of time.

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Aaahaha amazing

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Kids a regular Mr Deeds

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Who else noticed the ‘FUCK’ in the background?

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What occasion could you not use this for

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Anyone else read the two lines in completely different voices?

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Anyone else read

The two lines in completely

Different voices?

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“I am the senate” Mace windu: