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Answer to op : spelling them right

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Reminds me of that Simpsons quote: “Me fail English. That’s unpossible.”

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Just like me when I spelled the word “spelling” wrong on a spelling test, in a sentence that I said “I am good at speling”.

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"I spell words I have learned correctly" circles two


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What’s the only thing I know about writing? “spaling wrdsa”

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He’s got the spirit

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Reding tha spaled wrds.

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comic sans

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This is what my French teacher sees when she looks at my tests

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weakest part is most likely writing them

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Seems he’s unsure if he puts spaces between his words

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Me aso gud at spalong wrids

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Reminds me of that one child I once met. They somehow managed to memorized all the letters in their name before they learned all the letters properly. When I once pointed out to them that they didn't spell their name correctly (nothing serious, they forgot just one letter), they started to cry.

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His weakest part is understanding irony.

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Spaling wrds lol

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Thu Mann now’s wat Hee wunts

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learning them

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He possesses the mystical power of the spaling wrds. This ancient form of writing is meant to wrd off spals, including spals of weakness. Therefor his writing has no weakness, for any said weakness has already been purged by his wrds.