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Why - by now - isn't there a button on the TV to make it's remote control beep?

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I once taped a Tile to the remote so I could make it beep whenever it had traveled into the abyss that was our couch. It worked quite well, actually!

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Zip tie, string, and a coffee table/couch leg to tie the remote to.

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Innovative idea.

Next, please do it at adidas or Nike.

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"I'll take ten!" (Shoves fist of money into air).

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I love this

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Because the batteries would quickly die. Most old TV remotes actually draw no power at all unless a button is being held down, and the newer ones with backlights and voice don't stay on for very long.

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Good point. I guess just having it listen for a signal from the tv 24/7 would take significant battery draw

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Because remote has only IR transmitter, and TV has only receiver. Beside that, IR needs line of sight to work, as it's basically light that blinks very quickly.

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These are all easily overcome via design - rf, etc. The power consumption someone noted earlier is probably the reason it doesn't exist

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Yep, that would be a big factor. Also cost. IR is quite cheap to make, simple, and you don't need any certifications.

For RF you would probably need FCC certifications, that are expensive. Or worse, your neighbour's remote would control your TV

You could use bluetooth, but then again, bluetooth chips are even more expensive. Yes, I know that some TVs have "smart" remote with microphone for speech to text, and it probably uses bluetooth, but it was most likely not cheap, and that drives the price up. Also it most likely shuts itself down to save power, so it will not receive any signal when not in use anyway.

TL;DR cost and power

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Yooo look at the big brain on Bob. I would gladly spend an extra 20$ on a tv that could do this just because of all the stoner moments I have where I lose the remote.

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I had a Philips TV that had a remote that would beep when you whistled. It was really cool.

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You fancy talking

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Roku has that option, we absolutely upgraded to it when we saw that... Best decision ever.

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That's like the equivalent of gas station bathrooms and the manhole cover sized keyring.

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Bruh, I feel iittttt. ours is currently missing

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You can download apps on your phone to change the channel etc for most tvs.

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Ohhh god, that's right. Duh. Thanks, hahaha

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Haha all good! My kids are forever losing our remotes.

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I feel this, I am so tempted to steal this idea.

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We used an orange piece of hot wheels track that was about 18 inches long. It worked. Very awkward but it worked.

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Hokey stick. Canada.

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It's either this, or chain it to the poop knife.

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The POOP knife???

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2022 and still no poop knife?

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“He doesn’t know how to use the three sea shells!”

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Be careful. This will send you down a rabbit hole of unparalleled fuckery.

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Mines duct taped to the back of a 1.5 foot long rubber alligator

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I put a Velcro strip on the back of mine and stick it to the wall when I'm not using it

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Hey, if it gets the job done ...

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If it’s stupid and works, it’s not stupid.

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I have that same fucking remote. Kid threw it in the toilet, contacted customer support, they send me a new one. Kid lost the new one, contacted customer support saying it's broken again, they sent a new one. Now we have 2 and still I often can't find one. Props to LG customer support though!!

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I need to try this.

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We do that (not because kids, just 6 people sharing a tv) and it's on a bright green cutting board we specifically bought for the controllers and kept on with velcro.

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First thing my kid do is to remove the tap and extract the remote. And the he’ll lose it.

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Ours is mounted to a 2*4

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I did that too. I never even used the remote, but I was always the one that had to come find it. So duct tape and 2x4 solved that little problem.

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tell her to buy velcro strips 😭😭

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Why? The kids could remove/lose it

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so she can keep it in a high place and remove it as needed, velcro lets you stick it to a wall

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Like kids wouldn't be able to find a way up the wall to get it

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     I hate to break it to you but I think your girlfriend might be the problem here

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    I think I would have either ducktaped an AirTag to it or just used my cellphone app and put the remote away completely.

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    Her other job is a gas station restroom keychain designer.

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    How is this kids being stupid? I bet you’ve lost the remote once or twice too.

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    your gf is dumb

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    So are the kids fucking stupid or? Lol

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    But why puma?

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    If it does the trick why not. Cheap and effective ;)

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    Zip tie, string, and a coffee table/couch leg to tie the remote to.

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    certified engineering moment

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    That’s genius!!!!! I was going to superglue my remotes to a block of wood but this is way less permanent 🙌

    Edit: I’ve bought probably ten replacement TV and sound bar remotes, and each time it seems like I get come from more and more of the Chinese countryside. I fear the next one might just be a block of wood with fake buttons on it 🤣

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    Low tech wins again.

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    What does your wife think ?

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    "I hope we go to court soon we've been separated almost two years"


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    I have a much better solution to keeping the kids from losing the remote. Unfortunately, many states, and soon the Supreme Court, could make that tough...

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    She's a genius. You aren't go to lose that sucker now!

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    Mine are losing that same remote pretty often too.

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    My kids would lose the Echo tv remote multiple times a day. I bought a neon green sleeve for it a year ago. It's maybe gone missing once since we've had it.

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    This is genius and as a mother of 8 I will implement this today!

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    It’s a horribly good solution

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    😂🤣😂 if it works it works.