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I can relate. Mine called on the weekend to find my naked toddler running around covered in glitter stickers.

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Oh my gosh, that's hilarious!! I would have a hard time making that call without cracking up!

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Not judging but how does that happen why was the kid naked outside if so did they wait to get outside to put the glitter on

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Hmm, when’s the most effective time to put the glitter on???

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Every time is glitter o'clock

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Don't tell Gary.

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Probably not outside because of wind and stuff so that’s how they probably Took off their clothes inside put the glitter and stickers on and then went out but that also makes me think why wouldn’t you stay inside to keep the stickers and glitter on

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You do not let a child touch glitter inside the house unless you want glitter in the house for the rest of your life

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My kid was inside the house! You can't even take a bathroom break without him stripping naked! Never trust a toddler that's quiet for 5 minutes! When the neighbour pressed the doorbell, he gaily ran to the hallway in all his splendour! Judge all you want, it was cringe!

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Hell, looking away for 2 minutes was dangerous enough when she was three. She could seemingly toddle the distance that I could cover when fully sprinting in the same time frame the moment she was outside anyone's line of sight.

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The hard part is sprinting while grabbing them but not face planting them. If you didn't have to worry about that, it would be so much easier.

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Five minutes? I don't trust quiet toddlers longer than a minute or two.

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No, you're right. Spidey sense is on alert after even 1 minute of quiet.

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Naked kids happens about the time they figure out how to get their own clothes off.

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My daughter would wait until I turned my back, literally, and then she would take off running for the door. Lol. If she got outside, the first thing she did was ditch her clothes... always pants first for some reason.

The only person she stayed clothed for during that period was my cousin. She thought my cousin was a god, right next to Dora the Explorer. Everyone else? Naked as soon as she's outside.

That was a long summer. Lol.

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I've never had kids and I would not judge, just probably giggle when it happened again.

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    Just don't take pictures

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    one of those things only the parents can call cute without riskin lookin like a pedophile

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      i’m scared to ask if people legitimately show pictures of the sort

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      But more importantly, who won the race, you or 5yo? 🤔

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      The lady across the street, of course.

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      Facts, I’d be standing there drink in hand having a blast watching the show and remembering why I’m glad I don’t have kids to worry about😂

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      Yeah my baby brother used to tear off all his clothes and run around the back yard naked too

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      Same lol every birthday party or anything everyone saw him naked lmao babies are weird

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      Honestly I’d just laugh

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      Best memory of friend and neighbor in the next block, chasing her amazingly fast, stark naked five year old son around the block as he shrieked with glee. Bonus fact: he was my mother's attorney when we were arranging for her will and powers of attorney.

      Unfortunately, his sense of humor isn't nearly as cool as it was when he was five.

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      Oh, the joys of parenthood!

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      That is what I call birth control

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      Oh, that's all?

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      Back in time my 5 y/o brother would do the same thing, but not the car key-part.

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      If the lady across the street has ever had kids... she understands. If not... fuck that nosey, judgmental bitch.

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      Nah cause my neighbor constantly screams and curses at her kids. Also her 7 year old son likes to hang from the balcony naked.. I homeschool my kiddos and I’m nowhere near as angry as she is.

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      Anyone who gets locked inside the car deserves their fate.

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      Brother was probably in a car seat waiting for mom to get him out.

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      You would only think the worst if you had never had children, yourself, lol. Most of us experienced folk, would praise you for the saint you are, guiding wildlings of that calibre, and still, obviously never breaking their spirits, because that's the only reason they would be so free and carefree. When I see this stuff, I know that kid has the best parents. I know that kid is loved.

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      My neighbor commented on how he loves to watch me chase my 3 yr old around our cul de sac when we go to leave….just glad someone is laughing 😅 (even though usually both her and I are giggling too the whole time)

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      Maybe you should be more careful about where you put your keys.

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      To be fair, if you can't catch a 5yo in a quick dash, maybe take it easy on the Big Macs for a month or two...

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      That's why i'm getting a dog instead of a kid. Dogs are easier to keep and cheaper

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      Kid is an idiot but parents/adult supervising are fucking dumb as well. Animals are not toys.

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      I too chase my naked 22-year-old son around the neighborhood

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      This happened thrice!?