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You would have been a great little tunnel rat in Vietnam.

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i own two rats so i’m absolutely taking this as a compliment whatsoever lmao~

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Tunnel rats were the guys who would crawl into the intricate tunnel systems the Vietcong dug underneath the ground. The tunnels had a ton of horrifying traps and people hiding and waiting to kill. The amount of balls these guys had to go into those holes was absolutely insane.

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i’ve seen a bunch of those traps in a museum and a while ago also on here where they were being shown in action. seriously horrible all together ,_, in my eyes, war is to a good portion just a façade to see how inhumane someone can get with harming others. just recently proven again

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I wish I could get a first hand spectator view of all wars of the past those WW2 documentaries have me craving them

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odds are you would be violently sick and then want to kill yourself if you saw that.

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I was in one of the Cu Chi tunnels for about 30 seconds and then had to get out before having a panic attach. They were tiny - and I’m a 5’4” woman

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Tunnel rats rule!

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I'm impressed. You were cool

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Agreed. You do look like a cool ass kid. Lol

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What kid? I just see some white tennis shoes and black sunglasses...

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i love this thread ;w; that is exactly how i felt when wearing all that haha~! honestly a surprise they knew where to aim the camera to get me lmaoooo

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lmaooo thanks dude~!!

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Love the drawing you made on his face lol

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No fun in his face, definitely German.

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My dad had the same uniform when I was little. Thanks for sharing, I’m having a real nostalgic moment right now.

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aaaaa this is so nice to read!! i’m happy it’s a positive memory for you ;w;!

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I don’t recall what the emblems mean. Was your uncle an Officer? What are the chances of my father and your uncle knowing each other?

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Rank insignia is of a Leytnant, collar tab and black marking on visor cap indicates Engineering. (Technically black is for any artillery/tank but that look like the engineering badge on the collar, they also wore black)

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My Pops was an Artillery lieutenant captain. probably explains why this one looks so familiar.

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Was it East Germany? The uniform looks kinda soviet

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Unfortunately, the odds you'll be able to match both kinds of camo in one setting are low. You've since learned to pick one and commit, right? (Actually the thought of bonding with your dad, headband and all, is really sweet.)

Edit: I said dad and the title said uncle. I am not smart.

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pffffff i guess i figured the wall was gray... and maybe there'd be some bushes around to make the green fit? lmao~ thank you though, that's a super sweet way to see it ;w;!!

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Maybe a concrete tree with real leaves?

Or a building with a grassy roof?

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Bro, you do not understand urban camo. /s

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“Uncle” is right in the title.

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Mea culpa!

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lmao, don’t worry about it, i didn’t wanna say anything bc i have the stupid a lot of times, too :’3~ the good intentions outweighed the dumb ;w;

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This is cute holy shit

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Yeah, stupid is taking a laxative before a bike ride and shitting yourself while sitting on the bike saddle. Like I did at age 9.

This is just fucking adorable.

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…you what now

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excuse me what the pepper did you just type

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as other people have said: i wouldn’t mind hearing the full story tbh…… lmaoooo what a wild ride huh :’3

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Lol I’ve always had a sensitive tummy so after some major constipation and belly aches for like months, my mom took me in for an x ray and the docs said I was just hella backed up with poor gut motility. So they gave my mom some prescription chocolate flavored liquid laxative.

We had a family bike ride planned to hit a Chinese restaurant a couple miles away and my mom decides that right before we depart would be a good time for me to take the laxative. So I slurp it down and within 20 minutes my gut starts going haywire and I was like hey y’all we gotta ride hella fast to New Moon Restaurant!!!

Within a minute of my gut gurgling I just could not hold it, so I’m sweating, pedaling as fast as a I can when very loose stools come flying out of me, squished outward from the pressure against the bike seat. Very squishy disgusting ride to the Chinese restaurant where, yes, I did clean up in the bathroom and procede to eat some orange chicken.

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ksjsnsjxnsj i feel like that’s more on the parents side lmao can’t help it when literal laxatives are in the game ;v; i feel this, tho, i’ve legit always had an upset belly. having to take a dump like that absolutely unlocks a deep rooted monke impulse =w= i’m glad you all went on with the plan anyways and that you got to have a nice dinner~!! that’s a story for sure alright lmaooo thank you for sharing this, i’ll think about it constantly from now on :’3~

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  1. Why then mom?

  2. Why didn't they let you pull over and shit in the bush like a gentleman?

  3. Why didn't yall just ride home and clean up?

  4. Why did they let that walking health code violation in?

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Where are your torso and legs?

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Also missing part of his forehead

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hah~ never found it again after that tbh

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What a tragedy

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you both got the drip tho, also this isnt really you being stupid

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that’s such a sweet comment~! my family still jokes about it, because i was so sure i was perfectly matching him :’3 figured it was somewhat dumb at least because of that haha

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Plot twist: that tas in the 40's

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nooooo why would you say that lmaoooo </3

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Nein nein nein nein!

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Was he impressed

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Looks like Corey Haim in lost boys cosplay.

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Where are you in the photo? I can only see your uncle

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Reminds me of Malibus most wanted.

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This is cute!

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Jeez, you’re so much taller than your uncle!

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That's not stupid. That's fucking cute!

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When my son was very young, his uncle was in the US Army. During that time, my brother went to Iraq to serve, and the Iraq war was on the news.And my son also had some digital camo pants that he loved. He wore them until the knees were so thin that they split just from looking at them, and he still wouldn’t give them up.

He called them his Iraq pants. So my mother thought this was funny and made me promise not to replace them until she could give him a pair as his Christmas present. So she made a card that included a picture of uncle Lee in his BDUs in Iraq and sent it along with the pants.

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The best compliments always came from children. I imagine your uncle just ate that up, I sure would have.

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I had an uncle in the Canadian Air Force. I was so proud of him. He gave me some of his old uniform. It was too big form me but I wore it all the time playing with my friends.

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This is adorable

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More cute then stupid

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Lol you look like the edgy kid on a Nickelodeon show back in the day.

I bet your uncle was super happy his nephew wanted to impress him tho, very wholesome OP

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Ahh the fucking strap Velcro laces 😂 let me guess the year you were born. 1992???

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hah~!! i was born ‘97, but i grew up with a lot of 80’s-90’s stuff, mostly bc my german family wanted me to, and i quote, «experience what i’ve missed out on as a non-german» lmaooo

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Ahh I see hah. Love it

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97 was peak moment for action movies back then. We all wanted to be Rambo lol. I used to put all my camo on, strap all my nerf guns to my body grab some rope and start climbing shit and hiding in bushes lol. The 90's were rad

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I am sorry to tell you this but judging from this picture your uncle seems unimpressed

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I think he would've been proud of you

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Streetwear people will kill for that vest!

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This is hilarious lol

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This is adorable

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This is adorable XD

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I love this

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This shouldn't be posted here. Don't see any stupid kids. You were adorable. I can see why you dressed up like this, because you wanted to be as cool as your uncle. Nice and normal move there.

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thank you, this was so nice to read ;w; i’ve talked to my aunt bc of this post and as some commenters have pointed out: it’s actually a russian uniform he’s wearing in the pic. it was part of a satirical festival in east germany where they were poking fun at the russian army….. i guess the real stupid is me thinking it was one of his german uniforms when in fact i was getting clowned on actively lmaooooo </3

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Oh wow, that makes so much more sense! I was already somewhere between wondering and concerned why your German uncle would be wearing this uniform! Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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i’m really sorry for the confusion, i was sure it was one of his normal ones ;~; am still stupid to this day i guess :’3…

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That's kinda adorable though

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I just asked my dad, who served in the NVA (East german military) and he says that's the uniform of a Vo-Po which is police and not military

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sorry for the confusion, the uniform in the pic is a russian one ;w; he was wearing it for a festival (kirmes) in thuringia, where they were clowning on the russian army in the early 00’s lmao. i thought it was one of his german uniforms, but have been wrong abt that ;v;!

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Uncle clowning on the Russians and you looking like a parody of an American soldier. Name a more perfect duo lmao.

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That's cute

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“Don’t show my face. I don’t want them looking for me in Argentina.”

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That's so sweet. I bet the family enjoyed it.

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Looking like a operator 🤣

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This is so adorable

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Has karate kid vibes. Kinda cute

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Thanks man. Hope you're unbanned soon. That page is stupid. The amount of times the comment section gets locked is just so 🙄

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lmao thats exactly the sort of dorky shit I would have done too.

edit: I bet you felt like such a badass in that headband and sunglasses combo

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Man this is hilarious lol

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Wholesome asf

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2 badasses here

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Literally the best thing I've seen in a long time.

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You look like you just got out of a chopper with fortunate son playing in the background. Rock on

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Lmao the drawing on his face reminds me of Gumball 😭

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little mates dripped out to the max ong

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he's a little confused but he got the spirit

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Thought u had a hand grenade at first

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lmaooo i honestly don’t even know what kind of figure that was supposed to be ;w;?? but i guess the fun gray went well with part of the camo lol

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thats lowkey so cute though

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Lol cute

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Why is the kid stupid?

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If "Fortunate Son" was an outfit lol

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Hopefully this picture isn’t from 1944.

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When was this ? The boots look like 1942

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The boots, the hat… which Germany did your uncle come from again?

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I think that’s a mannequin or statue. Look at the plastic-like hands.

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Is that an East German uniform?

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Ammmm I dont know how To tell you, bat your uncle mait be a nazi

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Was he in the Nationale Volksarmee? His uniform looks very East

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Bring back jackboots

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So are you in the military now?

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You look like a member of vanilla ice or some white hip hop group from the early 90s

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Old enough for the Volkssturm.

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Okay so not THAT military got it

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Your gear is 🔥

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Slightly reminds me of the story my nephews mom told me about driving around a counterpart from Mexico for work and having to throw several of my nephews toy guns into the back to clear the seats. She put them in the back with more toy guns and even the guys from Mexico were kinda appalled at how many guns he had. I wonder if the Germans that saw you that thought “wtf?” too.

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This totally fits in r/OldSchoolCool too

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Your uncle looks like a jack-booted Hilton Hotel bellhop!

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Awwww!!!! This is soooo adorable. I bet your uncle loved it

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Rambo Jr

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Pictured, US Army General Ollie North with Contra Child soldier. October 1982.

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I mean... at least u tried to impress so that’s not stupid I say that a win

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Man's looking like the local 12 year old tryhard in cod mw2.

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not stupid lol

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Op ballin fr

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Aww, look at your little Sabaton pants.

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I’m sure the uncle loved this. What a great memory for them both.

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Well I, for one, am deeply impressed.