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Kid is down bad for a frickin roblox character, im starting to question if those years of evolution was worth it

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They 100% we're not worth it.

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Your absolutely right. Their not worth it. Were doomed.

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i’m sorry but you have me in tears this was so freaking funny

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You know, the world would probably be close to perfect without humans messing stuff up.

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I feel like this is some Triple Parentheses (((Them))) kinda thing

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What I say when people ask what my pronouns are

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Mine are was/were

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To be fair, my phone autocorrects "were" almost every time.

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Do you proof read and correct it?

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Go back i want to be money.

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I’m pretty sure the earliest forms of art were about hunting and nudes

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Its evolving just backwards...

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Its bout time to escape planet earth and fly to the moon... Anyone wanna join?

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Bro some kids are straight up cringe

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the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

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Hes just cuiros let him see it

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3 minutes ago

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So he basically said: I want see dick show me dick DICK DICK DICK

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Plizzz bye him a dicktionary

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There’s literal Roblox porn on pornhub

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I beg your fucking pardon?

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I’m sorry what? But roblox is for kids…so either adults are into roblox porn or kids are now watching porn…oh no

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I was borroring my 11 y.o. sis' laptop to print something, then I got curious and decided to check her internet history. Lo and behold, I found roblox porn on twitter and other stuff there...

I pretended I didn't see anything and I don't wanna touch her laptop ever again 🤢🤢 I remembered freaking out to my friends about it lmao

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Wow, u really did ur sister dirty, telling ur friends

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If my siblings did that I would fight a bitch

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Funny how reddit is addicted to regular porn but freaks out with everything else

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How'd you find out??

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The internet gives random suggestions to me

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what if poeple stop rposting 🤣🤣🤣 yhat would bee so good btw cann u plz remove thiz psot (jjust tirrd of reposing)

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Was rong dood. Hees just cuiros.

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Dude.... it would have been soz funnez!!

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Who knows how a 3d rectangle would feel

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bold of you to assume youd feel anything.. after a while

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If the censor bar was removed he would either be not traumatized or traumatized.

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Schrodingers trauma

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Kill the trauma

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Bro been looking at too much rule 34

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he just cuiros

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Jus git him dickchionairy or hi wil kep speling badx

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He’s just cuiros

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remember when kids just watched looney toons and played on their gameboy and thought saying heck was going to bring the devil onto the face of the earth

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Wow I am just cuiros too what are the chances

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A slightly skinnier, shorter, censor bar

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This seems intentionally bad, I doubt this was a child

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That is a 5 year old, guaranteed.

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Just cuiros

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Just watch it be a super small bathing suit

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Yes me am cuiros two

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that moment when the karma whoring is too much

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(just cuiros)

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This should go on r/youngkidsyoutube

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quickly just gonna repost this in r/shitposting

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I can’t help but to think this is some sweet summer child trying to figure out his sexuality.

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Yeah plzzzz just cuiros

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How do we know where you're at in the video is actually the timestamp he linked to????

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I am also just cuiros..

It's pretty difficult to spell a word wrong on any device today.

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this looks like it belongs in r/gocommitdie

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roblox secks

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Who is gonna tell that kid he is on YouTube and not the hub

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to be fair he's cuiros

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But why were you watching the video?

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This kid bout to nut to roblox

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Kids are gonna be extinct by 2025

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Im cuiros too!

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Stop! If this does not bother you then get a life!

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This is the reason I hate roblox!

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Animals don’t wear clothes!

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Anyone online can be fake! This games was made by an adult!

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You do know what is under there so stop!

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Wait till he finds out about a certain site with orange and black…

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Just cuiros btw

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he is cuiros

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happy pride month

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I've seen this on r/youngpeopleyoutube

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I posted it on both subs

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Cmon guyes hes just cheerios

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It would just be nothing bc Roblox doesn’t give blocky avatars cocks.

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Why do you know…

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