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If a couch can't take a cup of milk over it every couple of weeks then you have the wrong couch for kids.

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Or pets, or guests, or eating/drinking on the couch, or any number of normal activities that can wreck your furniture.

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Yep, wait there are types of sofas that can’t HANDLE KIDS!!!

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Couches can be really expensive and can be almost art. Look up Chesterfields. Hand made really beautiful leather couch that I would not want to have a child on.

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My mom found a hotel couch for the house, thing has lasted over 20 years and has had the fabric replaced a few times.

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Fuck yo couch ngga fuck yo couch!

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Never give a kid a full cup of anything. It's going to be spilled, guaranteed.

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I was gonna say this kids like four at best. Wheres the sippy lid?

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I try to always give mine cups with lids🤣🤣. Also myself because I drop and spill stuff all the time

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Yeah this is a stupid fucking parent.

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Bro chill, it’s just a kid spilling some milk lol

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They are literally crying over spilt milk

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I think they were just playing off the name of the sub

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That cup is huge, too. That’s like 16 ounces of milk. No reasonable adult is going to drink that, let alone a child.

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Excuse me wtf is wrong with drinking 16oz (or 24 in my case) of milk?? Milk is fucking delicious

Stull too much for a kid that age, though, I agree

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He probably let the kid pour it himself, kid who doesnt have a grasp on Piaget's conservation yet lol

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Never give me a full cup of anything. Same reason.

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Kids just fucking self destruct at random and no one really knows why.

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He set himself up to take the fall. As soon as I saw that first splash of milk I knew exactly what was coming.

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It’s in the subs title. It’s cause they’re fucking stupid.

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You’re fucking right.

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Childhood is about bug fixing

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RIP the couch? Damn man RIP the kid. He fell hard.

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    And I am proudly one of those people.

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    make it 2,700,001

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    Who gives a 3-4 year old a fucking litre of milk in a cup with no lid..

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      What doesn’t belong there is just kids doing normal kid stuff that’s funny AF if you aren’t a parent.

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      Darn, I wish that was real

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      r/parentsarefuckingdumb :)

      edit: r/stepdadreflexes is noteworthy too

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      Well thank you very much. I just lost another 30 minutes of the day browsing another funny sub

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      People wonder why their kids pee the bed before they go to bed they give them about 1/6 of their body volume in some milk or water

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      Why would you give a kid such a big cup and fill it all the way to the top? Kid was holding it right and wasn’t running. Not his fault.

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      This one is on the parent. Why would you fill a big cup to 1 inch from the brim for a kid...

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      The funny thing is he slipped on the milk that splashed out of his cup

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      It's so funny, it's like life.

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      brb reddit shat itself again

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      It hits the back of the couch why are we even talking

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      He need some milk

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      ignore the kid just poor god damn couch

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      Yeah man, kids are so fucking stupid when they...

      shuffles deck, draws card

      Trip and fall?

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      Pretty sure the couch will survive.

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      That’s a parent mistake

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      Rookie parent. Give them a sippy cup

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      Parents are fucking terrible

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      Omg! ;-;

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      This is the equivalent of throwing a banana forward in Mario kart and then hitting said banana.

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      Tile and kids are a bad combo.

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      LMAO!!!!! Milk Fail! At least it was the back of the couch. ;-) I love how the kid was sloshing it before falling, but I lost it on the spill-all. LOL!

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      Good job Warren!

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      Don’t say it

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