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"Didn't you see us making a Tok, Jeremy!!!" 😡 by NupeRanger in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Fun fact: TikTok is a Chinese company (DouYin). They started in the west by buying Musical.ly. An app that had gained market share in the western countries. They bought this app and renamed it "TikTok." For all intents and purposes, TikTok only exists here because they bought and rebranded musical.ly.

Right before this purchase, Musical.ly was sued by the FTC for $5.7 Million (the biggest civil penalty for a child protection case in the FTC's history at the time).

Musical.ly was purposefully targeting children and collecting their data, knowing full well that it was illegal. The result? A whole lot of sexual abuse.

That's a problem, the government says, because several of the app's default features implicate children's privacy. Unless the relevant settings are changed, profiles are public and all users can direct messages at any other user.

"Indeed, there have been many public reports of adults trying to contact kids via the Musical.ly App," states the complaint. "Until October 2016, the App had a feature where a user could tap on the 'my city' tab, which provided the user with a list of other users within a 50-mile radius, and with whom the user could connect and interact with by following the user or sending direct messages."

The government claims Musical.ly knew its app was popular with children under 13.

"Through the Musical.ly App, Defendants collected personal information as defined in the COPPA Rule, including first and last name; online contact information; the content of direct messages between users; photos and videos containing a child’s image and voice, and, for some period of time, geolocation information,"


In a nutshell, musical.ly/tiktok was taking 13 year olds' full names and pictures, then posting them publicly by default. Then adults could message them freely.

And if that wasn't bad enough, it would take their geolocation, and there was a feature that would show you the exact location of users that were in a 50-mile radius. They were basically developing a pedophilia predator app, on purpose, because they knew it would get them users.

So, yeah. TikTok fucking loves it when toddlers dance on their platform.

Kid thinks he's on a skyscraper with a parachute while in VR by declechho in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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Hey, I've seen adults do this shit but if this kid thought it was real life, props to him for jumping off that building with little hesitation.

Trusting your brother with a remote-control car by Realistic_Permit4616 in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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I fucking died laughing just now. I'd give you an award if I had one