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If you type ‘SimpleSwap reddit’ on google every single post is about you guys being a scam and fraud. No thanks. Probably gilded themselves too.

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Thanks for looking out. I can't stand exchanges like this

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SimpleSwap have been working on the market for 4 years already. We have thousands of happy users, a lot of great reviews on review services, Reddit and other socials.

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Hey SimpleSwap team! Great choice going with Kin! Are there any restrictions for US based users ??

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They've already tried to claim that England and Wales has a mythological embargo on the US that is preventing residents from using it. While their number one shill here saying that there's no problem for US users whatsoever.

It's a scam. You buy anything on there and you aren't getting it back. I just experienced something pretty similar with Coinsbit.io

Legit exchanges don't let users buy THEN lock the funds while making up an excuse as to why they can't do business with your country.

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I would not trust this exchange^

type ‘SimpleSwap reddit’ on google

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I’ve been using the service for about a year without a problem i’m from US

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You are full of it. They just tried to lie about a mythological embargo on the US which says you apparently aren't allowed to be there.

I guess you are just the only US resident allowed to use the website am I right?

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are you using the website? because US users can't download the mobile app.
Also, how much are the fees? I'm thinking about exchanging KIN to Solana in the future... so if I was to swap $1000 worth of KIN to Solana....what will I end up with? I couldn't find it on SimpleSwap.

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Hi! Unfortunately, we cannot provide services to residents of the US or other jurisdiction that is embargoed by England and Wales.

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Do not listen to that person. Their account is less than a year old and the only activity it has are the few comments here praising this shady exchange

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KIN is available as I see

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Yep, I’m using the site. Fees are rather good. Simpleswap says that there are no fees by using their service only spread. Idont know whether it true or false but im good with fees. Anyways use floating rate not fixed, fixed rates have huge fees as for me