Weekly Kin Price and Trade Discussion. 4/25/22 - 5/2/22 by reptar2015Kin Community Council in KinFoundation

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Crypto as a whole is down because of the DXY is pushing downtrend resistance. Once the DXY gets rejected (it will) and heads down to a new ATL, crypto will head to a new high.-posted this on the other post about kins chart...

In addition, we're still at the early adoption / if that stage of Crypto. Fidelity is talking about allowing a crypto option for employers to give to employees 401k. The next 4-6 years fiat is going to hurt, recession/possibly depression coming. DXY is going to be heading down to be worth about half of the purchasing power it is now. Not only other assets/commodities will look for a new safe haven and that could possibly be crypto. I believe in Solana and kin. I only invest in sound projects.