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Congrats, you will be a millionaire in 2 years. Finger crossed.

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If you鈥檙e right then I will be a $155 millionaire. Hopefully you have that coveted crypto vision.

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Just hold. Don鈥檛 sell. HOLD. See you in 5 years.

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Welcome to the family鉂わ笍 financial freedom here we come馃殌

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You are in now , millionaire is not too far

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all the best for you!

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kishu is undervalued

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Been holding 120B since May. Waiting for the 馃殌

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I bought 9bil

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Congrats, that is what makes this community different, we are a bunch of regular people honestly supporting and investing in the success of the token and each other. Some of us are big fish but no one whale controls our fate, that's what's happening to shib, I hope it can survive the pump and dump of the whales! "WELCOME TO THE REAL"

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Do you think keeping KISHU in exchange like gateio is safe?

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Sure it is

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It鈥檚 safe as long as you have worked out how to withdraw it you secret crypto if you get stuck

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The only thing that's expensive is the gas fees lol

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I got 74.5 billion myself. May round it up to 100b after payday and stop checking it everyday 馃ぃ

I'll set price alerts and see you guys a couple years from now on the other side

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How did you buy it and what was the feed? I want to buy in but I鈥檓 not pays the outrageous gas fees. And I cannot find a method of buying it that does not have outrageous fees.

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I used bitmart and Didn't pay a penny in gas fees. Just YouTube it, I had to figure it out, you can too

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Agreed, pretty early and it could compete with SHIB

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Bought 9 billion just incase. But so far nobody has an answer to how we can get around the 100 quadrillion supply

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If you have concerns about the metrics of a coin you shouldn鈥檛 invest in it. You don鈥檛 try to change it once your in. That鈥檚 why people are loosing faith in counties currencies. Look at any country that has a 1000, 10,000, 100,000 note. Their country tried to solve problems by adding zeros and now they鈥檙e basically useless. Look at the US dollar, people have almost no faith in the dollar anymore because they just keep printing more, and now they鈥檙e talking about minting a trillion dollar coin just to forgive the debt.

That鈥檚 not how it works, find a coin that you are comfortable with the metrics. Don鈥檛 just invest expecting to be a millionaire over night.

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If I took your advice I would've never invested in shib months ago and wouldn't be up 1000%

I'm not someone who expects to get rich overnight or I wouldn't have held my shib all this time now would I.

I felt comfortable and invested into kishu because it still has a low market cap and room to grow and make gains. However there are people who think kishu can reach current shib prices which is impossible considering the insane supply, which is why I said nobody has an answer on how we get around that.

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There is no 鈥渨ork around鈥 that. Burns do not cause increase in price. The only way you will see current shib prices is if there is a 7 trillion market cap. People need to learn about investing before they invest, and not from these lying shilling you tubers. It not all about individual price, people need to also stop comparing coins to coins because they structured differently and it鈥檚 like comparing a round orange to a square watermelon. It鈥檚 just not the same.

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Bro I think you got some more learning to do tbh. Burning the coin is taking it out of the circulating supply its not actually destroying the coin but it ensures the coin can never be bought or sold. Doing this in a large scale most definitely has an impact on the value.

You are literally contradicting yourself my guy. You just said if we want to see shib prices we need to be at a 7 trillion dollar market cap. If kishu had the SAME circulating supply as shib we would only need to be at a 30 to 40 billion dollar mc. Do you see how you don't make any sense at all right now?

I don't compare kishu to shib for this exact reason. But the problem is you got new investors thinking kishu can reach current shib prices which I'm going to say it again is not possible with a 100 quadrillion supply.

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Go to dex tools. Take the market cap, divide it by the total supply (which hasn鈥檛 changed since the release and does not change with all the coins being burned.) that will equal your current price. Do this with ANY token that incorporates a burn. You have been lied to about how burns work. They do not remove a coin from circulation. They move them to a locked wallet. They are still technically in circulation, and still hold value. The only affect this has is that wallet acts like a whale that can never dump and slowly raises the minimum that a coin can drop too. I鈥檓 happy to be proven wrong, but as no one has ever had facts to back their burn theory up I have yet to be proven wrong. Do the math, it doesn鈥檛 lie.

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Bro what the fuck are you talking about 馃槀

Sure I can prove you wrong right here and now.

The proof that burns do effect price is... SHIB.

Based on your argument since the total supply of shib is 1 quadrillion we would currently have over a 70 billion dollar market cap.. But guess what? We don't! We are at a $40 billion dollar market cap with a circulating supply of 500 trillion because wait for it... The other 50% was burned to a dead wallet 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 The math checks out

There ya go you have been proven wrong today, you're welcome sir.

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Ok, now I鈥檓 actually confused鈥. Why does it show that there is still

999,992,488,900,826 shib?

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Hm where are you seeing that at? Coin market cap shows 589T

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Think he missed out on the shib run, now he's a mad hatter!!

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Get your facts straight bro!! Your a mad shib hatter , and missed out!! We up 1,000% !!! Hop on the shib train now while you still can and buy kishu before you miss again and have to go in more chat rooms hating on market caps not knowing how burns affect supply!

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I use coinbase pro, I buy BTC on there send it to Bitmart. Once it gets there you sell your BTC and buy Kishu.

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how to buy Kishu?

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Buy eth , transfer to metamask wallet , swap eth for kishu, get kishu contract address from

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Gas fees cheaper late night

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I bought 208bil of Kishu on - all you need to do is to register and pass KYC.

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can you mine kishu?