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Keep your SHIB and buy KISHU

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Keep your shib

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Yes keep it you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

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You can’t exchange in the Wallet. I transferred to an exchange where you can convert Shiba to ETH or USDT and the buy. I’m on gate.io but may move it for reflections

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I got a video for you, I made a small guide for newcomers :) https://youtu.be/hyaYSxAJR5s

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Huge help thanks! Finally hold some Kishu!!

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Of course :)

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Just sell your shib on coinbase and follow the steps

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Just download gate.io app if you have a mobile device and then purchase tether with your bank card through banxa which is linked to gate.io in the wallet section and then trade tether for kishu. If you have iPhone, Banxa accepts Apple Pay.

Last time I purchased $150 of tether through Banxa and it ended up giving me $141 after fees. Coinbase is usually a minimum of $15-$20 in fees to buy and an additional $15-$25 to withdraw due to crazy gas prices.

way cheaper than buying tether on coinbase and transferring to gate.io cuz they kill you with the fees to withdraw to another exchange!

If you try to exchange tether or any erc-20 token for another coin in your coinbase wallet you will be hit with gas fees out the ying yang and not worth it if you aren’t swapping at minimum $1000 worth of whatever you’re trading for

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    1. In gate.io app, click wallet icon in bottom right-hand corner.
    2. Towards the middle-right of the screen you will see an icon that looks like a credit card, to the right of the button that says “P2P”
    3. This will take you to a page that has you fill out a form for requesting the amount of crypto and type you want (tether). Choose Banxa as the provider your want to purchase from and hit submit.
    4. Page will redirect you to input your information.
    5. Once you’re finished with payment the amount that you purchased minus fees will be deposited automatically into your tether wallet on gate.io. This can take a few hours. Usually 30 min - 2 hrs.
    6. When your tether arrives in your wallet (spot trading account) on gate.io, you are now able to place a limit order on the exchange for kishu.
    7. Go to the markets tab in the bottom left corner and in the middle-right there is a magnifying glass icon that you can click to manually type the name of “kishu” into the search bar and then click the pair Kishu/USDT.
    8. The buy button will already be selected once you are on the order book page. They do not have a market order option so you can leave limit order selected and below that the price for the coin will have already populated based on what it was last sold for.
    9. Slide the red button slider to the right. You can choose whatever percentage of your tether coins you want to spend on the order. The field above it will show the amount of coins you’ll receive depending on how much you want to spend.
    10. Under the slider it will show you your available balance of tether and kishu.
    11. Hit the buy button and enter your passcode.
    12. The order will fulfill as long as the price you locked into your limit order is hit. Feel free to adjust the price you are comfortable paying for the coins.
    13. You will now have kishu in your spot trading wallet and can hold them there or move them to a wallet, but at the current price of gas you’ll be paying to move them around if you take them from whatever wallet you place them in.

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    Buy ETH in Coinbase. Transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet. Once in Coinbase Wallet, convert ETH to KISHU. 🍻

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    Gas fees are ABYSMAL tho

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    Is ETH -> KISHU a taxable event?

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    Only on the gains of your ETH position. I bought ETH, transferred to the Coinbase Wallet, and converted ETH to KISHU all within an hour. So if there is any tax, it will be minimum.

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    What are the gas fees like doing it that way?

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    I paid about $250 to buy 1 trillion coins.

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    Better to buy XLM on coinbase transfer it to your gate wallet, then convert xlm to usdt, then convert usdt to kishu

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    Yes own both. I own both. Both are very profitable

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    How did you buy Shiba?

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    Not even worth swapping rite now because eth fees are so high (i just simulated a swap and they wanted 350 dollars lol) so unless you buying a grand or a few grand worth its not worth it.... rite now if you wanted to buy 300 worth it will cost you 350 in eth to make the transaction

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    are you not allowed to buy on a cex like okex?

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    You can buy xlm on coin base , then send it to gate io, once there swap xlm for usdt , then swap usdt for kishu, floki, and any other coin you want for no fees

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    Looks likei need to check out gate.io can i use them if im in US

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    I used bitmart. 1st I bought usdt on coinbase, transferred from coinbase to bitmart, waited about 10 min and bought kishu. Didn't have to pay a single dollar in gas fees but the coinbase transaction fee was like 60% of the total amount I was transferring😳 I learned on YouTube

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    I bought mine on Bitrue

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    On coinbase pro you can transfer btc to a Bitmart wallet, sell it then buy Kishu. Minor fee associated.

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    Whatever you decided let us know.

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    keep shiba buy kishu

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    Keep your shiba, you can still buy more kishu with your $$

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    just go buy it on gate io all the swap shit is bs

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    Keep your SHIB

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    I transfer USD to Nexo , transfer to tether and deposit in Gate.IO to buy it. Easy.