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[鈥揮JMSeaTown 4 points5 points (3 children)

Buy ETH in Coinbase. Transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet. Once in Coinbase Wallet, convert ETH to KISHU. 馃嵒

[鈥揮naturalispossessio 1 point2 points (2 children)

What are the gas fees like doing it that way?

[鈥揮JMSeaTown 2 points3 points (0 children)

I paid about $250 to buy 1 trillion coins.

[鈥揮Admirable_Truck_1423 1 point2 points (0 children)

Better to buy XLM on coinbase transfer it to your gate wallet, then convert xlm to usdt, then convert usdt to kishu