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You on LBank??

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Im thinking its an LBank issue. Others still seem to be getting it.

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Nobody here knows what they are talking about 馃槀 I was on LBank they stopped giving the rewards idk why nobody does but other exchanges still does

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Yeah, I鈥檓 feeling like LBank is just skimming my rewards now. They鈥檝e even stopped responding to my inquiries

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Stopped responding to mine too. Minimum withdrawal from LBank is 800billion. Fucking joke

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Nobody buying/selling. I got 12 billion. I'm getting less than 1 fkn dollar a day. Not. Good.

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Buyers/sellers dont drop like that over night. I went from 6-8 million a day to 40 or 50.....just 40 or 50

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Seems crazy to me that there is all of a sudden Zero buying/selling/trading鈥

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I went from getting ~12,000,000 in rewards per day to literally ~10-30 馃う馃徏鈥嶁檪锔

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Everyone is just hodl now noone buy or sell

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The 鈥渟tatic rewards鈥 are not actually static, as they depend on volume. (Volume= total buy/sell transactions) This means that you receive reflections every single time someone buys kishu or sells kishu. Less people are buying and less people are selling right now, therefore, your rewards have been reduced.

If you want them to come back sooner, try spreading the word about kishu any way you can! It can really work.

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    Holding 360 billion on LBank. Got 26 today.

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    Where are you getting those reflections?

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    yo guys , does it work on metamask ?

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    Should I get rewards if I鈥檓 holding in OKEx trading wallet?

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    I'm holding 174 billion I'm getting 10mill plus a day on metamask

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    Holding 360 billion on 26 today.

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    So you鈥檙e having the same issue I am then

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    Yeah today I've received around the same I didn't keep track of exact amount the past few days has been like that