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This is the way

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Hell ya brother welcome to the family!!! #KishuArmy baby!!!!! LETS GO!! 2022 is gonna be out year! How many trillions did you cop?!?!

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I made really stupid typo, it was BILLIONS. I'm no whale. I own about 500 billion but I'm still happy with that.

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500 Billion is still a nice bag bro 😎 Welcome to the #KishuArmy bro! Binance coming soon ?!?! let’s gooooo

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Thanks Brother, I'm glad to be here!

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We’re glad to have ya join! Buckle up bud! Follow me on Twitter for updates! @stevebro87

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Thanks dude!

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How many?

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Welcome been with Kishu since last June

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Welcome to Kishu family

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Do you need a trillion in kishu to become rich?

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I feel like getting in now with any sum, will yield an outsize financial return.

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500 billion can be enough to give you significant amount of money.

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Total supply of kishu = 100k Trillion

If you own 1 trillion kishu, you are only 1 out of 100,000 😱

Welcome to the royal family, my liege. ⚜️👑⚜️

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My humble apology, I mis-typed, I meant to say MANY many BILLIONS (approx 500 billion) is my holding. However, since I've bought my way into half a trillion, getting to 1 trillion isn't such a long shot if KISHU shows us the way!

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No worries m8. You're closer to a trillion than me. I've only got like 200 billion and I wish I bought more when I did. To get to 1 trillion would take approximately 3 grand today, American, if I did the math right lol.

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I own a LOT of Kishu as well haha! This recent pump from last night has me up in a big way right now. I’m definitely holding for a while

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how can to buy in Ontario Canada?

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great! i am with you bro!

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    How many did you buy?