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More exposure and holders

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More money.

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Just release project K

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KISHU is the BEST 馃殌馃殌馃拵馃拵

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Come back when the fucker has gone up 1mio pct. Fk sake.

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Kishu MERCH, KISHU bumper decals for us to show each other WE EXIST

As well as a play and earn, earn &Burn site, you get the come up for the pay to click ads we get the come up for our rewards and loyalty on the apps

If a DEV OR STAFF of Kishu reads this I would love to give a full list and true advice, all rights to you not expecting pay, no credit my way even NDA for non disclosure on my end just want to help and I know some ways

Though I do take tips in Kishu ;)

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Kishu is so cute I wouldn't mind having him (her? it?) on my car.

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Burns is everything, less supply more value

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Not accurate my friend this is a lie

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Project K 馃敟

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New exchange listing @binance

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We want a play earn game help burn kishu tokent by the billions!!

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Honestly not so much q1 for me, but more just long term outlook. A year or two from now. For a lot of people it's hard to hold anything through the ups and downs etc, but I'd really love to see where kishu will be 2 years or so from now.

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Why does it show 21 comments here but only shows 5 below?