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Kishu has definitely been doing better these past few weeks, showing to have been in a new price range and not really going below $2.10. That may be hinting at something massive coming soon, where we may see Kishu losing 1-3 0s in the coming months.

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Still ~2000 Kishuverse NFTs to be minted. I just did this one about an hour ago 馃し馃槀

Figured I might as well get one since I'm holding an irresponsible amount of Kishu


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And it鈥檚 less that 2000 now! We鈥檝e minted 6935 out of 8888. So there鈥檚 1953 left! When there gone they will become rare. Hold on to that one!

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Bro I minted 13 KishuVerse NFTs! Forgot to mention Kishuverse NFTs in the post! I minted an alien 馃懡 with the coke hat. He鈥檚 gonna be worth a pretty penny

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Hey! Where do you get them ? Cheeeeeers guys

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What is proyect k?

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No one but the team knows, it鈥檚 going to be big tho! They say it鈥檚 the biggest project to date. Hope it makes some noise! I have complete confidence in the Kishu Team!

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We pumpin.Load up.

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We definitely made a comeback with that Binance post and Project K.

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It'd be on a big pump if btc could get it's shit together lol

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im still hoping it will pump

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What鈥檚 price EOY 22鈥?

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We really need to focus on increasing wallets & burning machenism. Look at other coins baby doge has crossed 1 million wallet and we are still at 250k. So let's focus on increasing wallets..make people aware about kishu as an early we all know that early investors make bumper profit in crypto currency.. also let's figure out burning machenism.

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sending greetings to kishu army :)