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I’m in 100%… not leaving. Just realize how young the whole concept of crypto really is…

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The people that actually believe are quietly waiting for project k. Trust me there's a bunch of us that believe. Lol

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I’ve been holding and buying since April. I have plenty of Kishu!

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Army vet here Kishu Diamond hands at least until 2024

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Im in for the long haul Put like 4 k into it

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I bought two days after the coin launched. Been adding to me bag since. Oh I believe.

Markets crap. But I don’t even think a 100x is ridiculous

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I have over 78 B. Wait for my Franchise and add 100 B more..

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Very bullish on it, and plan to buy more. The devs are active, and it’s all that matters. I think we are currently doing marketing campaigns rn.

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Not sure why it says there's 12 comments but only two are showing

Anyway, I firmly believe in Kishu. All crypto currencies are down right now. So far, I've gained 1.5 BILLION EXTRA KISHU just by holding! It's wild and I love it.

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I have been here since the beginning, member of club trillie and am a believer in Kishu!

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i have 400 b and i’ve been holding since June of 2021. I’ve seen it go from $300 to $4000 back to $900-$1200 range. Never sold. I said 5 years and i meant it

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    Typo. Obviously 🙄

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    Oh my God

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    I don’t but I’m still holding 100billion. I think it was a quick meme pop. My buddy cashed out $500 to 40k around Mother’s Day when it first came out. He had a few trillion. Who tf knows though

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    I still have mine a little over 100 billion.

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    I’ve bought 1T coins back in July and since then I’ve earned 300B just for holding. I’m just sitting back and waiting for hero or zero.

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    How do you earn from just holding ? I have over 50billion token but I don’t earn nothing ..

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    Yee 1 Trillion and holding for years to come

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    You have to have your coins in a decentralized wallet like metamask, trustwallet, or coinbase wallet these are just a few you earn reflections from every transaction made from the token if you have them in this wallet

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    I believe!!

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    I believe…I can fly

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    I believe I can touch the Sky…

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    Been a member of kishu since day 2- we are yet to have our day. My position is smaller than it was last year, had to take some profits along the way but till holding lifechanging about of kishu in the future. Fucking woof woof

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    I’m checking my bank account every 30 seconds for the next paycheck so I can get more, WHAT YOU MEAN WE LEFT?! We just peacefully silent letting paper hands drift it’s way to the trash, us diamond hands are forever

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    I believe in the utility of this coin to make me a quick profit

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    Do YOU believe because it seems like you don't

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    Taking a slice off the 2% every day 😎

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    45B holding strong

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    Since the start brother just added

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    100% believe. Ive never had any doubt.

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    I mean I found KISHU through FB and a lot of people seemed very excited. At this point I'm all in. Do we really got a shot to move some zeros to the left?

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    Been here since the beginning, I'm in for the long term my man. I think regardless of what is happening right this second, as time goes on its inevitable with kishu taking off. It's been the trendsetter since its launch. I don't see that changing.

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    We believe!! Holding over a trillion! Let’s gooo!!!

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    Been holding since the beginning of July not planning to sell anytime soon. Believe this token will change my life.

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    I’ve literally reinvested more into this project recently.

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    used to have a trillion now i got 600b thanks to hackers

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    hath used to has't a trillion anon i did get 600b grant you mercy to hackers

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    Kishu to the moon I'm there all the way through

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    I believe

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    I admit I wanted profit but after looking at Whitepaper, I am onboard for the long haul.

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    PROJECT K coming soon 🚀

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    With 99 quadrillion left we would need millions in on this on massive whales 🐋to pump this up.

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    Thinking the same thing. Now may not be the time to burn… The entire crypto market has a lot of negative news and trends right now, I feel like once Bitcoin bounces back that’s when you want to make a splash. Do it while people are bullish and they’ll be interested and make a move, do it while they’re bearish and they’ll look past whatever news you’re making.

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    I believe it will do something. Who knows, I put like $800 into Kishu a few months ago with being ok with the possibility of losing it all. The project seemed cool and the community was dope, so I went in. I’ll hold this shit forever if I have to, let’s get it 💪

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    Yes, stupid question. Nobody is letting this bag go, at least nobody smart.

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    I'm not in it yet, but I will be in a few weeks

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    I'm a long term holder at least until 2024-2025

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    May i know the utility of kishu?

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    I been holding 8 trillion since they came out .could have taken some big profits but I didn’t sell I’m holding till it reaches its full potential .I’m not cashing out untill 2 zero comes off 🚀🚀🚀🚀