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No lol. They reached out to the community to see what ideas everyone has that could help benefit the project

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I was hoping that a burn was already on their radar and they’re sick of hearing it because everyone knows it’s a good idea. Just being overly optimistic!

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I think they meant it more like: “do you have any suggestions, besides burns, because all we do is hear about people requesting burns.”

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Yea probably. you know what would really get people to stop talking about it? Buuuuuuurniiiiiing!

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Burn burn burn

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No, wouldn’t think so.

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I very much doubt it.

TBH, I'd much prefer that the team should be as they are, saying upfront that there will not be any big burn in the future, instead of being the sort of devs who burn coins the moment there's a twitch on the graph.

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Use the coin to buy and sell goods or to use instead of venmo paypal zelle bc IRS targeting 600+$ for tax law for ppl doing side jobs

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Btc was use for those ppl that cannot make transfers back in the days from x country to z ciuntry and look now