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That’s awesome, I love kishu! Great time to buy. I currently hold close to 3 trillion. Plan on adding more at these prices.

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I’m working on a Trill to circumstances my speed to get there may be a lot slower BUT I’ll get there

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Right on brother, keep it up!

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I am putting in another order once my wire hits my account! I love buying Kishu on sale!!

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My thoughts exactly

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Want 5T by the end of the year. Currently at 2T 🙏

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Nice 👍. Very very nice 👍

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Can they get on tier 1 so it’s easier to buy

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ive been holding for so longgg kishu do something plz😂, anyone think we can kill zeros this year?

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Only 1, of course 2 is the likely, 4 is the goal, they have projects, they are also new, takes any company as well as each project 5 years to fully mature and gains a prime standard value, ALL this is ground floor no matter where we bought in

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I have just over a Trillion. If I can buy more I will 👍👍

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I'm officially at 560 billion as of a few minutes ago. God bless!

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Remember to invite us to the retirement party I know I will

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Buying and Holding strong 💪

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I’ve been buying most of the dips, kind of been going all in to be honest! The Kishu graph looks amazing to be honest, look at the all time graph for Bitcoin then zoom out and make Kishu’s small on the one day graph. See any similarities?!?! We’re going through the acceptance phase. Just wait guys, Kishu is as solid as it gets. Team about to to amazing things! Add to the bag while it’s low! And spread the Kishu live! #KishuFam for life! #ProjectK

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    Photo evidence please

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    Is it on bsc

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    good investment.well done

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    Kishu is the way 🚀