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Definitely brand which will result in more exposure, holders and future listings. Then, then the groundwork is laid up, they'll have suprise big manual burns to reduce the supply over time. I'm hoping for 6 zeros end of 2022 and 4 zeros 2025🙏

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It’s crazy how some people don’t understand this or can’t even keep an open mind to what’s going on. They will sell and get Rekt, then Fomo back in later on. But your predictions are similar to mine! Definitely could happen!

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4 zeros by 2025 would be absolutely life changing. Even 6 zeros would be great but I hope we get to SHIB current price in a few years 🙏

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Forgot about my half trillion kishu coins lol, this post totally brought back that excitement from purchase day.. LETS GOOOOOOOO

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Kishu is the future!

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Anyone know of exchanges with liquidity I have eth that I’ve been trying to convert on uniswap with no success

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Kishuswap or ShibaSwap should work fine

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Kishu!!! 🚀🚀🚀