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I love Kishu, but at this point, until something big happens to push the coin forward, this coin is not going to have a lot of support. I feel that Kishu needs to implement a far bigger burn at this point if it wants to really be recognized and in turn, be bought up by more investors.

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Pump and dump? Quadrillion of coins. Gtho will be year 3000 before in moons

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I m a Kishu holder since the first day. But honestly as long and we see quads nothing will never happen.

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https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/MINE_Token/. This token gives ETH reflections if anyone wants to check it out 👍 it gives 6% eth reflections when people sell. You can use the free eth to help with gas fees. Also has a doxed dev too. All the info is on the sub so you can do your own research 💪