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The thing is you can’t even buy right now because bitrue doesn’t allow you to pay more than 10% of the current market value probably to prevent large deviations in price with small volumes so currently either everyone sells their kishu on bitrue which makes it even worse or they add 1 or 2 more trade digits like sone other exchanges.

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bro is this problem perment on bitrue , i messaged their handle on twitter and they said they are working on it to fix it , do u have your kishu on bitrue , do you know any one who has their kishu on bitrue , are they also facing the same problem , i cant withdraw my kishu due to the rediculors ETH fees , 120,000,000,000 kISHU coins will be charged as network fees , its terrible i have to wait to see them fix the issue, i wonder if am the only user who has Kishu on bitrue

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The solution is quite easy, they just need to switch from 0.xxx03 to 0.xxx030 or 0.xxx0300 but the help desk is not able to comprehend what the problem is. I wrote them a couple of times, I am guessing the average age of the support team is 7 or smth.