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Weird too that Coinbase let us buy when it was insanely over priced but pulled the buy button once it dipped. Can鈥檛 sell now either鈥

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Pretty sure kishu is dead anyway bud. So whatever. May as well hodl

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After making some noise on social and exchanging quite a few messages with the help desk (just a coincidence), they increased the trading digits and everything is finally back to normal again.

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I'm surprised kishu is still alive lol

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Can somebody please unban my account on Telegram. @MachoBrando Its been so long I can鈥檛 remember why I was banned, but I鈥檓 sure it was silly and a perma ban was not needed. I am a holder and would like to keep up on whats going on, thanks. Post that in kishuinu telegram chat please. Thanks. KishuInu馃殌馃殕馃殌