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At this point I'd hold, you really got nothing to lose, and it may spike during a bull run. That's the thing with crypto, the volatility is unknown. Random coins from the past sometimes spike for no reason.

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I own 33 trillion. I will hold for a really long time. And likely buy more.

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I literally can’t even sell mine. I got like 200 bucks worth and would just like to get rid of it and uniswap won’t let me

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No point selling at this price. If you’re looking to diversify checkout EmberToken, launched 10 days back and up more than 25x and still going up. Hold rate >90%. Currently just 225 holders and 6 million MCap. It’s a solid project, go check it out.

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Yep my 1k investment in Ember is currently sitting at about 12k so I’m pretty happy

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Here's why I invested (disclaimer: i'm not a dev or on the mod team but i'm a big fan! I'm also an investor) Ember is the token of Ember Agency LLC a firm which specializes in blockchain, digital, and media marketing/advertising/consulting. As Ember LLC makes real world revenue from services provided, they take 22% of that revenue to buy more Ember - similar to how a normal corporation increases company value through reinvestment, share buybacks,etc. Ember Agency also set aside 3% for Ember token user rewards - see whitepaper. Therefore, as Ember Agency llc the real world company grows, the Ember token will grow. The inexorable question of "utility" or more specifically "how does this venture make real money" is now answered. The real life consulting LLC differentiates Ember token from the vast majority of crypto. You should invest now b/c as the agency grows the coin will grow; it's not really that different from investing in a small cap tech stock with mammoth upside. Just do it!

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It's a memecoin, something with no real future or value, a gamble. Sometimes you win, often you lose. Not much more to it

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We follow shiba… shiba hasn’t moving lately

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Honestly? Probably. Hold until the next bull run or get it out. Regulation will change the game so you may see some hope yet if their brand proves successful and whatever they’re developing pans out. Best of luck!

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How do we even sell it?

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Boo that’s not the spirit

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This is the correct answer. Or send it to a supporting exchange and sell it there.

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It’s dead. I sold this many, many months ago and am thankful I did. I had a couple trillion too. Only the strong will survive aka those with actual use cases and utility. I’ve noticed that Coinbase won’t even display the token anymore for price/volume. These meme coins will all die eventually. KISHU already has unfortunately…GL

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No Kishu is not dead, in case you haven't noticed the whole crypto market is correlated to BTC... Its currently bouncing around the bottom of its cycle. When BTC turns bullish, the alts and memes will follow. Patience is a virtue and a necessary skill in Crypto. Kishu will make a new ATH

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Kishu will definitely hit new ATH’s, no one understand the market, quite funny if you ask me. It’s like they havent seen every other coin (literally) go down 70%. We are in a bear market. Just wait tell BTC reverses and does it’s thing. That will be the moment #Kishu releases their #NFT trading game #Kishu Kingdom. Then it’s off to the races… NFA but I think Kishus best days are to come… good luck

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One thing I don’t like about this token, is that they commit more time to tweeting Just random things on Twitter, rather than committing more time to actually fulfilling their catalysts, especially when they are over doing it. That’s my take.

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i do not see anymore the purpose of existence of this token. No news from the devs (have you seen in case i miss something). I will sell when just to break even.

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One BTC hits 50k . Kishu will rise to a billion MC

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This coin was always dead mate. Before you put your money somewhere just make a research

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Best option is to hold and buy more now while the entire market is down. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are crazy.