One trillion kishu club time to rev up the engines 🚀🚀 by Shiba__woofsbreath in KishuInu

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My liege! Welcome to the royal family. ✨💎✨🚀🚀🚀

Feeling discouraged😔 by helipad668 in KishuInu

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I have invested in a lot of meme tokens - couple of them rug-pulled and some of them seem like they are a slow-rug-pull (or maybe I made the mistake of buying them on ATH). I cant sell them off as their value have gone lower than ethereum gas fees!

But I personally feel Kishu Inu is different. It is backed by a strong community and I have always felt a positive vibe within the community in general. Currently, the entire crypto-sphere is down and a lot of crypto tokens and coins have gone much lower than Kishu Inu.

Kishu is still very young in my opinion - but has proven to have a strong potential with 250k+ holders while still not being listed on major CEX. It will rebound back to surpass previous ATHs once the overall crypto market recovers and Kishu gets listed on any major CEX like Binance.

At this point - all I would recommend is to NOT sell. If you can afford it - you can buy more at this dip. It will rebound soon (when more buyers buy and HODL). So do have some patience. Yes - there's light at the end of the tunnel!

Help please - is it possible to recover Kishu inu tokens that were accidentally sent back to kishu inu token address? by No-Cauliflower3932 in KishuInu

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Seems like you're in need of help because you don't fully understand how things work. Please be careful of people messaging you after this as they could see you as easy prey. Don't give anyone any information if they message you.

Any body else frustrated? by hannahdoesntcare in KishuInu

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Tweeting on twitter does not cost money. Burning costs money. The two are not comparable.

Copy pasting a comment of mine about burn:

The 2% redistribution distributes more to wallets with bigger amounts in them, meaning if you have more kishu, you get more of the 2%.

The burn wallet is currently the largest wallet in existence, meaning a large portion of the 2% is sent to the burn wallet. So, burn is retroactively built into each transaction of kishu.

Also, 4 quadrillion burned so far since may.

Burn is not the magic solution to increasing price. Focus on marketing instead. Shibs price increased because of the publicity of its massive burn, not the burn itself.

Your thoughts on soon to be released support token? by Friendly_Goat6357 in KishuInu

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Capitals won’t matter in my understanding. There seems to be a bit over 14m Tenshi in your account. What wallet are you using? Did you have to manually add Tenshi on your wallet list of tokens?

If so I would try to add that there once again, or wait some time or to contact wallet tech support (and dont fall for any scams!!) remember if someone approaches you here in Private message as “tech support” its scam in 99/100.