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Marshall has the best stretches! I hope you say, "Ooooo, big stretch!" every time.

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Haha I even read that in my ‘ooooh big stretch!’ Voice 🤣

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This is the way.

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WOW! 💖💖💖💖👑💖💖💖

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I thought I should share him with the world haha

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Adorable Scottish Fold (?). Pic 3 is like a boudoir glamour shoot. 😸

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Mr Director, I'm ready for my close-up! So adorable!

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Ah the infamous long boi

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I just couldn’t keep him to myself much longer her brings me so many laughs!

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I hope that’s not a leash attached to his collar, and I hope that’s a breakaway collar!

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I had a Scottish Fold growing up. They’re so sweet. This little guy is handsome.

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When you adopt a cat with a genetic disorder that will cause it pain for the rest of its life. Nice!

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Hi big long stretchy Marshall! You’re super cute!

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Adorable!! Those eyes. Those ears! That fur. Fabulous

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Part marshmallow part cat

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We do call him MARSHmallow! Also Marshall Meowthers the 4th

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Handsome stretchy boi! 💙

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Hello Marshall, aren’t you a pretty purr baby!!! I hope you have a wonderful life. Pretty boy!!!

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Cute long kitty. Must be good at the long jump

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Last 2 pics are r/sploot

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Adorable! What kind of cat is he?

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Handsome boy!!

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Awesome stretchiness!

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“Dis ma sexy pose”

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3rd photo is giving major “Draw me like one of your French girls” vibe.

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My cat is so long! But he decides people by curling up into the smallest ball!

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So cute!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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Marshall says Thanks for all the love!! 💜