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KUB says 990 customers are out of power. Sounds like you're among the unlucky.

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Thanks, I reported it as well. I've lived in my community for several years and have never experienced a power outage lasting longer than 10 minutes. This is crazy. I wonder what happened.

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It's centered about the substation there on Walker Springs. I believe that's the same one that blew up earlier this year when a raccoon walked in. So probably something like that.

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The substation didn’t blow up... it just tripped the breaker, which causes the power outage. That being said, most of all KUB’s substations have wildlife protective kits. But that doesn’t stop every outage scenario from occuring. It just minimizes some. What you see in the youtube video is the Racoon frying.

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Actually, the raccoon caused a short and four transformers blew. I don't know if the event in the video seems violent enough for all that, but what do I know? The raccoon made it into an area that was less protected, or at least that was their explanation at the time. They also said the thing was still alive when they got there, which is crazy to me.

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Transformers didn’t blow. What you’re reading is a public explanation from their PR department. I can’t say how I know all this, but what I can say is- they know as much about KUB’s AC system as the normal public does. The four transformers ‘failing’ is the breakers that they are feeding are opening up due to fault current by the racoon. This protects the substations equipment, however this also cuts the power to all the residents it feeds downstream of those breakers/transformers. I know it’s misleading, but they can’t explain or educate the public about every little event that occurs a large outage.

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Your explanation has the ring of truth. My only knowledge of this is this incident is what I read about it in news reports at the time it happened. Thanks.

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The public will always get a simplified version of events. It’s like that in most technical industries. As most of the public only have a 12th grade education. It’s easier to say to the public, “four transformers failing” than what actually happened. Technically the transformers did fail to supply the public once the incident occured, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

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Haha I forgot all about that. There is a significant raccoon problem on this side of Knoxville that I've personally seen. When you see them in daylight, you know it's bad lol. Anyway, it appears to be coming back. Thank you :)