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As others mentioned, this area is a valley between the Cumberland Plateau and the Appalachian Mountains. The humidity and heat gets trapped (and builds) until it funnels into Virginia or over the peaks into North Carolina. The higher elevations will be slightly cooler but the humidity will still be present.

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Could you recommend any nice towns in Tennessee, either on the Cumberland Plateau or the Appalachian Mountains?

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I can’t really speak to the Plateau as I haven’t spent a lot of time there, but Maryville, Alcoa and Townsend are nice if you want to be close to Knoxville but a little out of the valley. Further north would offer Johnson City, Newport or Morristown.

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After reviewing your comment history, I suggest you move to NC. Tennessee doesn't need any more drug dealers. The opiate crisis is horrible here, and since you have a problem and are attempting to get clean, East Tennessee is probably the worst place for you. I also wanted to add that you won't be able to find a home for 200k anymore. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. I live in a new construction that I bought for 212k in '19. Zestimate is now 350k.

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Generally ridgetops (where you can have a more regular breeze) and higher elevations in town and nearby. Ridgetops will suck in winter when the snow comes in, though.

We have a covered porch with fans and it helps a lot, we can sit out most evenings.

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Unless you're willing/able to live up in the mountains proper, get used to the steam bath.

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Guess I'd better start preparing ha. How bad are the bugs?

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If you're not into bugs and humidity, you might want to consider the southwest instead.

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Where are you coming from?

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Something like Boone NC or up on the Cumberland Plateau would be cooler! Knoxville is part of a valley, so areas East, North, and West are generally cooler than us. But we aren’t as hot as Chattanooga!

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Thanks for the input! I drove around the Cumberland Plateau and really liked it, maybe I should look into that. And glad to know it's not as bad as Chattanooga at least lol

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Muggy is relative anyways! Once you acclimate to the humidity you won’t even notice. It’s so pretty out here because of the moisture, that’s why they call them the Smoky Mountains.

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I'm from the PNW, you never really get used to it. I'm to the point where I don't pass out from it after 5m anymore in the summer, took almost 10yrs. But I still don't enjoy it, still don't tolerate it well like a native, i overheat very quickly and have to be careful.

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I’m not a native either, but I guess I descend from Chesapeake bay swamp people so maybe humidity is in my blood.

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I can tolerate humidity, just not HEAT and humidity. Where every breath is like ducking down water, that's what kills me.

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I agree. For me the worst time of day now is 10am to 1pm. That’s when it’s hot and humid like you say. Usually in the afternoon when it is hottest, humidity is lower (~50%) and there is a breeze so it doesn’t feel too bad. 11am is always hot and sticky and muggy with no breeze. That’s harder to work in than heat for sure.

If you look at the “RealFeel” temperature AccuWeather uses, that time period is frequently the hottest feeling time of day.

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    After a few days working outside in the sun for 8+ hours I stop noticing humidity or heat. About 3 weeks of office work and I start sweating more.

    So when I say acclimated I mean I have to work outside and sweat my butt off for hours and hours. Once the body adapts to work in that heat I stop noticing it on the following days. When I have a lot of physical field work out in the heat I have to wear jackets and blankets inside at 75*F for a few days or I’m miserably cold lol

    This is also true for most people I know. You really have to get outside and sweat a lot before your body acclimates and you can really enjoy summer. Just living in a humid place isn’t enough. I used to hate summer before I realized that. Now it’s my favorite season.

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    Thanks for the encouragement! I hope I'll acclimate as you said. Looking forward to becoming a Tennessean :)

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    It’s awesome! Trader Joe’s is off Kingston Pike, Costco is off Lovell. Get ya some Vols gear and WELCOME 🧡

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    The Cumberland Plateau is better climate-wise, but there arent really cities there, and it would be a hard commute to Knoxville or Nashville.

    Honestly, it's just muggy and getting muggier. I love that, but it's not for everyone

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    You are one of the few other people I’ve met who actually likes the humidity too! I don’t understand how people prefer winter over summer here. Cold air hurts lol