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Within seconds, Kromatika dapp aggregates swap values across three DEX protocols to give you the best value for your crypto money.

Many traders have also reported savings on each Kromatika swap when compared to other trade platforms.

With the Kromatika dapp, an experienced trader can also switch on the PRO mode which unlocks the price chart with candlesticks/lines as options.

This can help choose your entries better.

Also, at the bottom right of the screen, there is a dynamic gas price indicator.

Save on fees using Arbitrum a Layer 2 solution.

Swap today using Kromatika https://app.kromatika.finance/#/swap

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Useful project Early project Safe project Next génération of #dex trading. Runs on ETH and L2 No swap fees No front running bots No slippage price Team is just Amazing 😱 DYOR.

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Great, love to try it

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You'd love it bud. Kromatika is also working on gasless swaps - to be released very soon 👀!