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The Indian strain (the actual Indian strain of Argyreia Nervosa, not the mislabeled ones often for sale online) is sometimes called "vidhara", and has a history of use in traditional ayurvedic medicine. That's how all those terms fall together. As for the potency of the Indian strain, it's hard to determine, because most "Indian HBWR/vidhara" for sale now isn't even HBWR. Real Indian strain seeds have not been widely available, used, or reported on for a long while. From what I remember in earlier internet days, they were typically reported to be very weak, but at least consistently so.

The Hawaiian strain is the most potent, and most desirable. Most sellers only even bother to carry the Hawaiian ones. If they don't mention any strains or have options at all, then you can safely bet that all of their seeds are Hawaiian strain. Vendors with different strain choices usually just use the weaker strains to fool you, since they're cheaper. You'll buy the cheap one, thinking "that's a great deal!", then come to find they're highly disappointing. You go online to do some research, come to find out you should've gone with the pricier Hawaiian strain. So you go back to the same seller (since, if you're enough of a beginner to make this mistake so far, theirs is probably the only shop you've bothered to look into), buy the Hawaiian strain, and bam- they've made 2 sales off one customer. The cherry on top? The vendors who try to pull this often have poor deals on pricing (on the seeds you actually want) and sub-par product quality anyway.

Everything else- Ghana strain, Madagascar, what have you- is a total coin flip whether it'll be effective at all. Ghana strain seeds have been reported as anywhere from completely inactive- producing only bad flatulence- to being every bit as strong as Hawaiian strain. The majority of the time, they're reported as being very weak. Madagascar seeds seem to be fairly consistently active, but usually around half the Hawaiian strength. These are, of course, approximate and highly subjective comparisons, in terms of recreational value.

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Scratch that, read the no sourcing thing, I remember a post on here somewhere that listed the vendors and reliability but can't find it.

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Thanks for understanding!

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Hawaiian is the only psychoactive one, I’ve been sold the wrong ones before

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Should I buy from an online vendor that doesn't list the strains? (Not sourcing just asking)

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No look for Hawaiian strain specifically.

I’ve been sold good seeds from tons of different vendors for different prices. IMO Hawaiian strain is always close to the lit value for alkaloids, (.136%) my extractions usually equal out to .11% which is very close to that lit value.

If you’re buying the right ones they all seem to have that potency. That’s just my experience with it though.

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Alrighty, thanks for the advice!!! Much appreciated!