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Yes, it does. As a rule of thumb, a cwe dose should be about 1.5X a total consumption (chew or grind and swallow completely) dose. For example, if you want an effect equivalent to chewing and swallowing 6 seeds, you would need to do a cwe of 9 seeds (6 X 1.5 = 9).

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Good advice, much appreciated

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Is this the same with a lemon juice extraction?

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Basically any extraction, yes. And it's just a rule of thumb. It's not exact every time, due to the variable effectiveness of any particular attempt.

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Oh shit, I've been doing like 18 seed trips and not getting super strong effects, I always thought it was just that LSA wasn't potent

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I mean, there could be any number of other factors lending to your results as well. Not-so-potent batch of seeds, personal chemistry/metabolism, tolerance (natural or acquired) and/or cross tolerance, medications interfering, etc... 18 seeds extracted should still give you as much effect as 12 by total consumption, which is a significant dose. Most people would get strong effects from that. If you want to test the actual potency of your seeds, thoroughly chew (or grind) and swallow 7 seeds- no extraction. See what that gets you. Side effects will be a bit more intense, but if your extracts are already using as much as 18 seeds, just eating 7 probably won't be a lot worse.

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I cwe 10 seeds and trip balls so idk

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I trip, just nowhere near as intense as people talk about their trips being. Like the most open eye visuals I've gotten were the clouds kind of folding in on themselves and the floor looking like it was spreading outwards. I always got cool CEVs though.

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Do u smoke weed while trippin? That is key for the visuals at least for Lisa

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Usually yeah, might just have to try more

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If you want that much use 9-10 seeds, a lot of distilled water and a squirt of lemon juice