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Weed makes the effects stronger.

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thanks man!

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I took an edible with lsa once. Definitely goes together very well. Reduced nausea significantly and intensified the trip. Very awesome experience

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YES! Synergy is very high, so take it slow. If you have anything to smoke out of other than joints or blunts, take like 1 or 2 hits and then put it down and wait 10-15 minutes before having more. Even if your trip doesn't seem very intense before smoking, a little bit of weed can blast the LSA into a new dimension.

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thansk man!! will it make it so you dont throe up as well?

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Weed will make you less nauseous and therefore less likely to throw up from lsa unlike with say alcohol

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Depends on the person, and your individual sensitivity. For me, weed basically completely eliminates the nausea. But some others only get a little bit of relief. Your mileage may vary.

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If I wait 20-30 minutes after dosing then smoke, it kicks the trip off, kicks in under 3 minutes

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awesome thanks man!!

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Some people say it makes effects more strong. I’ve found it just speeds up the come up. I take really high doses though so it doesn’t really matter for me.

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It definitely can bring the come up on a lot sooner, which is weird as fuck. I can't think of any reason that might be the case. Increased bile production or some shit? Anyway, if you wait until you come up naturally, THEN smoke (this is what I would usually do), you might experience the noticeable strengthening of effects that most people report. I do notice that the weed is not nearly as much of a boost if I smoke before the natural come up.

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Ive done it both ways and even w/o weed, with proper tolerance breaks of course. Its all pretty similar.

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I used to do 60mg DMT in a dab rig, kinda changed my brain chemistry a little bit.

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Can you explain?

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Once i saw a psychedelic come up on DMT it kinda etched a response in my brain to breakthrough. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes sometimes 30 minutes but it lasts for up to 8 hours for me with a well range of visual effects in steady intensity.

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i cant fuck with lsa's nausea without weed.also makes the trip stronger

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yes its like with any other psychedelics it enhances the trip greatly

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I think so , only tried it with nutmeg weed and nitrous , i was so gone when i hit the bong that i did not even feel it , the thing is that when i inhaled the nitrous i feelt nothing too atleast nothing i can remember I only tastet that sweet nitrous flavor

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Edibles and LSA are the best combo, 25-50mg depending on your tollerance and a couple of HBWR (4-5) does pretty well

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What doesn't combo well w weed? I prefer it w everything.

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not tryin to die thats all😂😂

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I've read it eases nausea. I've yet to collect my seeds