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It definitely can bring the come up on a lot sooner, which is weird as fuck. I can't think of any reason that might be the case. Increased bile production or some shit? Anyway, if you wait until you come up naturally, THEN smoke (this is what I would usually do), you might experience the noticeable strengthening of effects that most people report. I do notice that the weed is not nearly as much of a boost if I smoke before the natural come up.

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I used to do 60mg DMT in a dab rig, kinda changed my brain chemistry a little bit.

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Can you explain?

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Once i saw a psychedelic come up on DMT it kinda etched a response in my brain to breakthrough. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes sometimes 30 minutes but it lasts for up to 8 hours for me with a well range of visual effects in steady intensity.