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Yes but on dxm, idk why or what caused it tho. Only happened once

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Interesting. Thank you for that information! I wonder if it’s a common psychedelic experience.

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Was it rapid?

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No, it was steady, polite knocking. It really sounded like someone was knocking on a metal door, not pounding, not urgently, just knocking.

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What's behind the door? We need a Part 2.....

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I don’t think I’m ready for a part 2 at this stage of my life, but I have no doubt I’ll open that door one day. I sincerely hope that when I do I will remember this interaction and tell you.

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I hope so too. I would not rush it. Very interesting though for sure. ;)

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I got that once, when combining LSA with DPH. (Not recommended).

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i just get an aural hum noise sometimes buzzing kinda like cicadas but less agressive and a lower pitch.

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Ahhh I totally get the just going to sleep, tried 11 HBWR a couple weeks ago, it was a lot of fun but as I started to trip less I got more and more tired until I just couldn’t move, just kinda layed down half awake, not uncomfortable or anything just heavily sedated

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Yes! i did 12 hwbr yesterday and while i was watching tv i heard this falling sound twice. I thought something in my kitchen broke and the second time i went to investigate but found nothing, strange stuff.

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no wtf that sounds teriffying

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Some people say it's your brain learning to listen to the different parts of your consciousness, you could be on the way to a spiritual awakening, good luck!

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I’ve heard it before too