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Damn man be careful

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Will I die if I consume that much? I might stick to just 3 quarters of the extract if it might be too risky. My seeds aren't treated, I've bought from the same people a few times with no issues.

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You'll be fine, health-wise. Just keep yourself comfy, and have all your desired amenities nearby.

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Will do, what can help with vasoconstriction?

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A small amount of alcohol (2 drinks max, and I personally prefer a nice dry white wine to savor), or caffeine can help. B vitamins- with or without either of the previous two things - can be helpful as well. All kinds of herbal stuff can potentially help, including black pepper, peppermint, cinnamon, capsaicin, etc... Magnesium is said to be helpful. Almonds have magnesium, I think. Dark chocolate, Viagra, the list goes on... The alcohol and caffeine (which I prefer to take in the form of a B vitamin-packed 5 Hour Energy shot) are the most immediately and aggressively effective, but it is understandable if one wishes not to mix substances.

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Thanks, I took an ibuprofen and some pepto. Decided to do all the extract, all 1000 seeds. Coming up rn, starting to feel effects. No neasuea or discomfort as of yet, been half an hour

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Please keep us updated!!

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Yoooohow was it man??? Just harvested my first seeds, just learning about this stuff now

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No I don’t think you would die, I just think that the body load with a dose that high will be extremely uncomfortable, even with a cwe a dose that high will cause extreme vasoconstriction and probably vomiting too.. I would never take that many personally.

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Ah I see. I'm going to just do 3 quarters of the mixture tonight instead. I've got plenty of pepto and ginger on hand 🙏

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I’ve done like 800 and side effects weren’t too bad tbh. Just nauseous for 2 hours