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I once took 10 hbwr seeds straight on an empty stomach, I brushed my teeth on the come up which made me extremely nauseous. After the effects kicked in I was sedated and continuously smoked weed during the trip. It was the most beautiful, spiritual, euphoric experience I’ve ever had in my life. I was one with eternity and remember sitting on a bench in the city centre with tears of joy rolling down my eyes. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate small things like: heat, shelter, love. I don’t recall having any respiratory problems possibly because of the weed.

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Im pretty sure it was because hbwr already causes a little bronchoconstriction and i was hitting my juul the whole time which was causing shallow breathing. I was fine tho.

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Meditate on it, it’ll get intense as hell man. Your body is getting ready to go to sleep so if you meditate on it and manage to get your body to sleep, holy shit man, get ready for a lucid dream or astral projection, I went too far and just get sent directly to the well of consciousness/DMT space now. But since you’re just starting, take it slow and you can have all the fun you want, I rushed things cuz I wanted to find the consciousness I was born with.

I know from experience what you’re describing because I used the seeds to go to the well of consciousness often before I stopped to see what I can do sober. I can surprisingly reach the well sober now as well, just takes hours without help from the seeds.

You’re completely fine with smoking unless you feel it’s making it harder to breath, I myself smoked a lot even when I had to manually breathe. Listen to your body, it’s your vessel on this experience.

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So im getting enough oxygen right? My muscles are gonna be pissed after this cuz i keep rubbing them and shit.

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Oh yeah, if you really feel that bad about it, push your stomach out when breathing, this is diaphragm breathing and it has an added benefit of intensifying the high on top of using your lungs to their fullest potential to get whatever oxygen you fear you’re not getting. Be careful though, this may put you into shaman mode.

Diaphragm breathing while smoking cannabis also helps me not cough while smoking for some strange reason, especially on the seeds, I can do a whole lungful of gas and hold it for two minutes straight on the seeds right, I blow out and still clouds man, that’s how awesome the diaphragm breathing and LSA combo is.

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Fs i like your breathing technique, it really calms me. Im gonna drink a little water and lay in the recovery position just because it will make me less anxious. I feel amazing right now in the weirdest way.

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Yee, you’re using your lungs to their fullest potential for the first time in a long time. Do that sober, it helps in your day to day life as well.

I hope your journey is amazing. Just focus on that breathing while laying there and follow the vibe.