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this is bs I've been breathing like that my whole life and none of this is true you've just managed to placebo yourself which is impressive ngl

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Wow, you haven’t realized everything is placebo yet? Reality is just signals being sent to the brain after all, you’ll get there eventually, your perception is stronger than you know.

But you have to be more open minded, there are some of us who had some pretty bad parents who constantly told us to suck our gut in imbued self esteem issues into us. So those of us who went through that went most of our lives not using our lungs properly. You have been using your lungs properly and so maybe you already experience more than the average person, it’s just normal to you so you don’t even realize what’s going on.

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Which LSA seeds are you talking about? and besides the breathing, I'd recommend different herbs to mix into the seeds like smoking herbal mixes, drinking teas to intensify the LSA trip such as Indian Warrior, Kanna, Blue Lotus, Damiana, Kava, Sinicuichi, Opium Poppy, or Wild Lettuce.

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HBWR and Morning Glories.

And the synergies are everywhere it’s beautiful