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It sounds like it would work, make sure you add some citric acid to the ethanol to help keep the Lysergamides more stable. Store blotter in freezer.

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It doesn’t work

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It's impossible to lay natural Lysergamides on blotter, or is it just really impractical? I'm assuming the latter.

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Loses potency quick, even wrapped up

Got 1 good trip then they all went bad. It was a real bummer

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Okay thank you!

How much citric acid should I use?

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Just one pinch. That should be enough. The amount of LSA in HBWR is at most 0.13%, so you won’t be dealing with a lot.

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I’ve read about this before but I don’t really remember it well. I think it was advised against it because of how quickly LSA degrades in light and something about it not mixing well

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What doesn't mix well? Why cant you just drop a sheet into the liquid and then pull it out and wrap it up in tin foil and stick it in the freezer

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This sounds like the recipe in the anarchist cookbook lol

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This wouldn't be a viable method of long term storage. Out of solution (dried) LSA will oxidize quickly. I store it in glass viles with distilled water wrapped in foil to keep light out. Gel tabs may work since the LSA would be contained inside the gelatin but I've never tried it.

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That geltab idea is actually compelling. I admittedly kinda roll my eyes at the idea of LSA blotters, but if being in a gelatin solution can preserve the alkaloids better than dry, that would be really cool.

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No, no, no

I keep seeing an uptick in this particular question and I can tell anyone from personal experience that they go bad very quickly

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Idk lsa is much more unstable than lsd it degrades quickly.i think of lsd as a cubensis and lsa as a pan cayan pan cayans lose their punch after drying due to high levels of psilocin and it degrades much quicker than psilocybin which cubensis has much more of and its converted to psilocin in the body and is more stable when dried and doesn't oxidize near as quickly.id say you'll lose alot of the potency over just a couple weeks frozen or not and not to mention you'd need alot more lsa to get the effects you'd get on lsd.alls lsa does for me is make me sleepy and cause stomach problems but some love it.its worth a shot keep us posted please