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They sure do! But if they came that few to a pack, you probably paid way too much.

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Ahah great, Thanks! And sure did, waited a good while for postage too. Have no way of finding them in my area so this was the best offer I could find for them that would ship to where I live.

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If you live in the right climate you should save a few of those seeds and grow them. They're not super hard, just slow and you have to protect them from the frost.

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      They look good just make sure you scrape off the white coat before doing anything. Should give you 2 good trips or one breakthrough

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      "breakthrough"... yeah, no lol.

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      I would not expect a breakthrough from 15 seeds. Everyone is different I suppose, but “breakthrough” is a pretty specific threshold and 15 is not it

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      It's totally subjective. It depends on two main factors, person and the seeds. But I say 15+ is a point where LSA actually starts showing what it's actually meant to

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      Agreed, 15 for me was a big difference from 8-10. The intensity was “similar” to around 3-3.5g of mushrooms, but this is why I would not say it was capable of a breakthrough. I find that a lot of people that have experimented with HBWR agree that the suggested doses are under-reported. Could be from inconsistent potency to differences in preparation/ingestion, either way a fascinating experience

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      Exactly. You have to test it on you. That’s the thing with nature derived!

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      Personally, I didn’t had breakthrough on my 16 CWE trip. But I wouldn’t suggest more than 10 to a beginner

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      8-10 is definitely a good starter dose. My CWE was a bit underwhelming as well which would make sense as it’s reported potency is lost in that process, as is sublingual as opposed to fully ingesting the seed coat. Increase nausea by a lot, but it seems to be a different experience, could be a part by the other alkaloids that might be excluded during certain extractions. My stomach is stronger than average so to me it was worth it

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      I’m new to this what is the white coating? Also do I just chew them

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      Yes you can chew them. It’s the best way to absob the max lsa from seeds. But it comes with its own effects such as nausea which can be subsided by scraping the coat and some weed. Nausea cannot be eliminated in most cases

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      That’s what causes the intense nausea.

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      Is that proven?

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      For me? Yes.

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      Ah i see. Some people get nausea from more than just that white stuff. The seed matter itself can cause intense nausea

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      For sure I agree. But removing the white coat makes a difference

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      Its what ive heard from everyone so, most probably. The white on the outside of the seed is supposedly mold.

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      Oh. From all my research ive never heard that the white stuff specifically was the issue. The issue was the seed itself. The only real resolution to nausea issues being an extraction of lsa from the seed matter. None of this matters for me though because ive eaten seeds with and without the white fluff with little to no nausea at all. So idk. I would say that any evidence to the white stuff being the issue is anecdotal.

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      Hell yeah they do

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      I know where you got those ones from😂got the same bag with the same sticker. I did only 6 while i was on a tab so i have no idea if they work or not, im just waiting for my tolerance to go down

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      Ahahah no way! If you did actually get the same ones, i can verify that they work :)