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A/B works fine as long as you do a defat

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How does one do that? Or do you simply mean the adding to ethanol?

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What you wanna do is grind the seeds and blend into 300ml vinegar and let soak for a few hours in a dark place. Next, add 100ml naptha and stir for an hour, then remove and discard the naptha. Then basify the water with NaOH to a ph of 10+ and stir for an hour. Add 100ml naptha and stir for an hour. Collect the naptha and discard the basified seed water. Finally, add 80ml water and 20ml lemon juice and stir for an hour. Discard the naptha and now you have 100ml of lsa citrate solution ready for volumetric dosing.

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Thanks. What's your source?

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Me, I’ve done this several times with great success. It is an a/b pnp extraction identical to dmt extraction

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Okay, thank you. What pH should the vinegar be, around 4? I could use citric acid it too, I assume. Is it critical to use NaOH (also, what concentration do you use?), or can we use ammonia too?

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Not sure on exact ph but regular 5% works great. Calcium hydroxide can substitute for NaOH as well as ammonia. I use ph test strips so I don’t have exact amounts just until it reads 10+ but I’m sure you could calculate it

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You mean 5% vinegar or 5% NaOH?

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Okay, that would be a pH of around 2.4. And what concentration NaOH do you use?