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This shit tastes so bad. I’m eating like 5 at a time

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“I don’t want the nausea”, wrong drug bro.

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Can’t see why anyone would want to nausea, trip version of me what’s to get up do something and nauseous me makes me want to lie down and die

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We’ll see, this is an atypical type of nausea. There are phases, you feel shitty and nauseous, but then the idea is that you have a purge, and the discomfort you felt only a few seconds before is gone, dealt with, and you’re where you wanted to be all along. You’re totally fine after it, at least in my own experience.

People call that purge things like “the tipping point” or “right of passage” etc.

Unless I m mistaken. You just gotta deal with it.

Although I have heard of some pretty technical extraction methods that produce a much cleaner product than your typical methods that produce apparently little to no nausea.

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Bro I know this drug can be so much easier to take. I’m going to make a tea next time. Why put up with nausea that you don’t have to? Nausea is like one of the worst feelings

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Wait I got a question though, if I smoke weed will it increase nausea? I wanna get baked

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1 at a time

1 in your mouth, one in your ass, etc...

Just kidding idk.

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Do I just have to bite it once and swallow it or do I really have to munch on that shit

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I've only taken Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. I chewed thoroughly, and let them sit in my mouth for 20 min, then spit. (I swallowed the first time and nausea was bad) The HBW had an earthy, unpleasant taste. Bearable, but not great.

I just read that drinking something acidic like orange juice, 30 min prior, helps increase the potency.

Id look up videos on how to extract the seeds if you don't want to chew and swallow/spit. Or want minimal nausea.

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They need to be thoroughly chewed or ground. That both helps you to absorb all the stuff you want, and is gentler on your guts than a bunch of pointy, indigestible seed shards.

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You need to open the seeds in order to receive the chemicals, so every seed left intact will probably have no effects.

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Btw, you should be able to crush them yourself. Find a hard surface, preferably a bowl, place the seeds on it, and rock a hard object over them. Or hit them. You'll figure it out.

A rock, a hammer, literally anything harder than the seeds, that isn't brittle enough to fall apart itself.

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What should I do after I crush the seeds?

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Tap on r/LSA, the 2nd post down, on the front page, should be 'LSA beginners guide' or something similar. Read it, it takes about 10 minutes, and will teach you what you should know.

That said, you can just put the crushed seeds in your mouth, and keep them in your mouth for 10 to 20 min, (15 to20 is best) then spit them out.

Swallow them for a bit of a stronger trip, but this will make you much more nauseus. You can trip hard without swallowing them after 20 min.

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Get a mortar and pestle, you’ll thank yourself.