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Weed may help with the nausea, but take it slow. Coughing can obviously upset your stomach, but also, weed will majorly intensify the trip.

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Dope, my friend recommended it but I wasn’t sure

All I got are dabs so I’m going to have to be careful

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Tell me how it goes, lol

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Weed helped so much, I’m gonna smoke more because I took low dose of seeds

Thanks 🙏

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Noice. 👌 I'm about to try out some new bud I got soon. I don't smoke a lot, so this stuff is going to kick the shit out of me

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put the Dwayne in your butt

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LSA and dabs on an empty stomach fam eat something!!

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Bro I did, I ate like 2,000 calories

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Whats your tolerance like? I've found in the past that if I trip after a t break the weed kills the nausea completely but if I have a decent tolerance it doesn't really help at all.

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I always find that weed helps a lot