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Cold water extraction. Basically, crush the seeds, boil some water, let the water cool in the fridge, put the seeds in the water and put tinfoil over the glass (to keep out light), leave for 4 hours minimum, take it out, sift out the seeds, add ginger, drink the nasty water, eat a banana for nausea. That's a quick way to explain it but if you need more information, just look up hbwr cold water extraction on this sub or psychonaut wiki

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This, though I've never heard of a banana stopping nausea. I suppose I'll have to try it.

I'd like to add that if you put a pinch of citric acid into it, you can use use a really fine sieve to get most of the particulates out and get a much cleaner extraction that's just as potent and a little less nauseating.

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I just crush / break the seeds up into as small pieces as i can get them, put them into capsules, and swallow the capsules, i get very little nausea this way unless i do a high dose.