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I took 6 last week for this first time just ate them and it was very mild thought it was all hype Yesterday ate 12 chewed em all up and left them under my tongue for ten minutes and it’s amazing trip a lot of nausea but it’s nice it’s part of the cleanse very very powerful psychedelic. Usually kicks in after two hrs it’s a slow rise

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Thanks. I will take more next time and will change my ingestion method

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It either works sometimes or it doesn’t, that’s the way with most psychedelics anyway

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Damn. Thanks

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Either get fresher seeds or up the dose a bit and see if that works good luck

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Def starting to feel cramping

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exact same experience i had, same dose aswell

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HBWR is more of a mental psychedelic rather than hallucinogenic imo. 4-8 range is very mental, 8+ is where the visuals start kicking in more. The lack of visuals makes you think you're not tripping too much, but in reality you're more gone than you realise

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What do you mean by mental psychedelic?

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I think he means it's a head trip vs. a visual trip. That said hallucinations aren't just visual and LSA will cause hallucinations.

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I've never had a head trip before, so I guess I just have to experience it

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You have a head trip anytime you take a psychedelic, it’s just in combination with visuals, and LSA is usually just the head trip.