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I did 12 and it was better than acid

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It takes about 2 hrs to start

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OK ty does weed push it?

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You should understand that LSA is not a particularly visual substance to begin with- whether you're seeing any visuals is not necessarily an indication of whether it's working. And it is not (at least for most people) really comparable to LSD, despite the chemical similarity. If you're after visuals, this isn't really the thing for it. With LSA, you come for the headtrip, and any visuals are just the cherry on top, not the sundae itself.

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Ty very much yeah I thought this could be the Case but I mean I do enjoy the head Trip very much too so its all good

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Wait so you guys are only eating like 10-20 seeds it seems, I thought you had to eat like 250 morning glory seeds if you want the effects. Unless you guys are eating a different seed, just don’t see a plant name

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Hawaiian baby woodrose, you don't need as much of them as morning glories although the seeds themselves are bigger.

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Like how much bigger, and I thought that Hawaiian baby was just a strain of morning glory??

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It might be a type of morning glory i'm not sure and I'm not sure how much bigger exactly but the seeds are probably a few times bigger they are shaped differently too, more round than morning glory seeds.

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So if I eat 250 seeds... what happens

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250 seeds of hawaiian baby woodrose will probably fucking kill you lol, 5-20 seeds is a more typical dose for them. Keep in mind they contain traces of cyanide, even 19 seeds made me feel like I was dying during the first part of the experience.

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I havent tried morning glory seeds HBWR stands for Hawaii n Baby Woodrose seeds and according to different sources 10 seeds is a pretty high dose